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Gear Cycle for Kids- Best Bicycle for Kids In India

Cycling is the best form of sports for kids. Cycling can help your little one get a complete body workout. While the benefits are endless, there are tons of bicycles for kids that you can choose from. 

And if you are looking for a gear cycle for kids, here are some of the best ones that you can buy for them.

Bicycle Buying Guide for Kids Chart:

Buying the right size bicycle for kids is important. As parents know their kid is going to grow, they usually tend to buy a oversized bicycle which is pretty uncomfortable for your little one. Here is a size chart that will help you understand which bicycle is right for you.

gear cycle for kids


Reasons why every kid should learn cycling.

Gear cycle for kids:

If your kid is looking to learn cycling, it’s best to get him a non-geared bicycle. Once they master the art of cycling and are in love with the sport, getting a gear cycle for kids would be ideal. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best gear cycle for kids

Decathlon kids cycle: Gear cycle for kids

Decathlon offers a wide array of bicycles for kids, adults and ladies are at different price points. The bicycles come with various features and can be used to ride within the city, smooth trails and more. If you are looking to buy a gear cycle for kids, here are 3 kids cycle that you should look at. 


gear cycle for kids

A geared cycle meant for recreational riding; the Rockrider junior comes with a 24-inch bike, V-brakes, rigid fork and 6-speeds with grip shifter. This gear cycle for kids is suitable for kids from 8-12 years old (135 to 155 cm).


Rockrider ST 120 Kids:

bicycle for kids

This gear cycle for kids is specifically designed for kids aged 6 to 9 (120 to 135cm) who are looking to get familiar with mountain biking. This bike too comes with 6 gears, V- Brakes and rigid fork that are suitable for riding on flat roads and slopes. Besides, they also come with 20 inch wheels that provide good grip on turns.

Original100 kids:

Decathlon also has a kids bicycle that comes with a Y shaped frame made from steel. The Original 100 gear cycle for kids comes with 6-speed gears with a grip shifter, rigid fork & V brakes that make it suitable for kids aged eight to twelve (135 to 155cm).

Firefox kids cycles:

Kreed 24D:

bicycle for kids

If you are looking for slightly better gear cycles for kids, the kreed 24 D comes with a steel frame and suspension fork. It also comes equipped with Shimano Altus and mechanical disc brakes that will surely make your kids a favourite in his circle of friends. 

This gear cycle for kids can be ridden within the compound premises, city road, smooth trails and uneven terrains. So if you like venturing outdoors with your little one, this bicycle is what you should be looking at.  

Firefox Cyclone 24D:

Firebox, a renowned Indian cycling brand  offers the cyclone 24D bicycle for kids. The bike comes with an alloy frame, Zoom suspension fork, Shimano Altus gears & nylon tyres. Besides, this cycles is meant for 9 to 12 years old, this gear cycle for kids can be used for every day riding on smooth and rugged trails. 

So if your kid loves cycling and loves riding anytime, anywhere, get him this gear cycle for kids. 

Furo D 21S:

gear cycle for kids

Another 24-inch gear cycle for kids by Firefox is the Furo D 21S. The bicycle comes with a front and rear disc brake and Shimano Altus gears that make cycling fun for your little on. Besides, the bicycle comes with a quick release for the front wheel and the seat post.

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Montra DTR 24:

A bicycle that will surely make your little one fall in love with cycling is the Montra DTR 24. The bicycle comes with an alloy frame, 60mm suspension fork, Shimano gears and alloy rims. Thus making it a top-notch entry-level gear cycle for kids. 


Montra DTR 24: LINK

Montra DTR 20:

gear cycle for kids

Montra DTR 20 is another gear cycle for kids that’s equipped with 40mm travel suspicion fork, alloy brake levers, Shimano tourney gears and alloy rims. However, if you are looking to buy a bicycle for kids that offers a variety of features and makes cycling fun, the Montra DTR 20 is for you. 

Montra Kids Cycle: LINK

Ridely Cito 24:

Ridely’s very cool looking bicycle for kids is the Ridely Cito 24 that comes with an alloy frame, suspension fork, and Shimano groupset. None the less, the bicycle also comes with front disc that makes stopping easy. 

 So if you are looking for a geared cycle for kids for 8-11 years old kid, consider opting for this cycle. 

Kross globate 24:

A 24-inch bicycle by Kross is the Kross globate. Kids looking for a bicycle to have fun and ride with ease can consider opting for this cycle. The bicycle also comes with disc brakes that work well in any type of weather condition. 

Tata Stryder 20″ HARRIS (6 Speed):

gear cycle for kids

Tata Stryder, a new addition to the Indian cycling world, Stryder, offers bicycles for kids, adults, women and more. Have a look at the Harris 20′‘ bicycle that comes with 6- speed gears, suspension fork and a quick release on the seat post. These features make it super easy to adjust the seat anytime. Besides, the brand also offers bicycles with mudguards and stand. As a result, you don’t need to spend extra on most accessorises.


Frog Cycles: Frog Panther 20”:

gear cycle for kids

Frog cycles offers kids the panther 20” that’s made off alloy that’s pretty sturdy. Besides, it comes with a front suspension fork, dual disc brakes and double walled rims that are strong and will surely last a lifetime. This bicycle is ideal for those between 6-8 years old.


Omo Panda 20”:

gear cycle for kids

Omo, a brand that hauls from Haryana, also makes kids bicycles that can be purchased at an affordable price. If you are looking for a 20” bicycle for a 6-10 year old, OMO Panda 20 is a pretty good budget bike that you can buy. Besides, it comes with a steep frame and single speed drive train that looks pretty cool too.


While there are plenty of other cycles with gears for kids, these bicycles are highly recommend by us. So, if you intend to buy a bicycle for your little one, these are some of our favourite. Do consider the above bicycles as they are renowned cycle brands and trusted by customers for years.

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