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Toutche Electric Heileo m200 review, price and specs [Latest]

E mobility is on the rise in India. With the hike in fuel prices,the need to build an active lifestyle and reduce emissions has become important. This has led to more people getting into electric bicycles. And if you are looking to buy a premium high performance electric bicycle, consider looking at toutche electric heileo bikes. 

We highly recommend Toutche Electric Heileo bicycles. 

We were blown by what it had to offer, weighing less than most e-bikes in the market. With an IP 65 battery, we had to go and find out more about Toutche electric Heileo Series.

And in this blog, I am going to run you through why you should own one! And not any other E bicycle. 


In this video, we will be covering the Toutche electric Heileo M200, which is Toutche’s iconic model from its M series (mountain series) which consist of 2 ebikes – the M100 and M200.  


If you look at the frame, this bike looks way different than most e bicycles in the market. It’s not a brand that imports kits and a standard battery puts it together and sells it to you with a sticker. 

In fact, the brand has taken the time, energy and resources to design the ebike from scratch.  Besides,  the battery fully indigenously that blends with all their ebikes models seamlessly.

It even comes with internal cabling on the frame that offers much better aesthetics making the bicycle look appealing. 


Now we said earlier the Heileo bikes are very light compared to all the other electric bikes in the market.

Why is that? 

It is because the Toutche Heileo electric bikes are built completely with Aluminum parts – Frame, Suspension, Wheels, Handlebar, Stem, Head parts, Seat post – everything is made of Aluminum. Most other ebikes/bikes have some Alumnium parts and the rest are steel, which then adds to the bike weight. The welds on this bicycle are smooth offering a Carbon-fibre like finish. 

toutche electric heileo

The M200 is available in 2 sizes- 16” and 18” and 2 color variants spring green and canary yellow. The frame sizes are suitable for heights between 5 ‘2 feet and 6’ 2  feet and the bike weighs 20.7 or 21.1 kgs depending on which battery variant one chooses. This makes it the lightest mountain E-bicycle in the market.

The bicycle is also available in 2 battery variants- 9.6 Ah (60 kms) and 12.8 Ah (80 Kms). This battery can be easily mounted and removed with the help of a key making it easier to charge the battery. 

The electric parts such as the battery, HUB motor, Display  are IP 65 offering a much resistance from water.

I spent a week in Mysore and personally used the toutche electric heileo M 200 for a week. During this period, I rode over 80 kms with pedal assist mode. Nonetheless, the battery still had 2 points remaining. Which clearly shows, I could easily cover 100 kms without a doubt using pedal assist mode. 

Moving on to the suspension fork, the M 200 comes with a 100 mm alloy spring suspension fork. This suspension makes the bicycle even more comfortable and rideable on rugged roads. Besides, the lockout feature on the fork lets you adjust the rigidity of the fork as per your choice.  If you’re looking for a high performance electric bicycle for commuting and fitness with a bit of recreational aspect, the M series is just for you.

toutche electric heileo m200

The M200, also has an entry level model that slightly costs less and has a few low specifications than the 200. 

Have a look at the chart below to understand the difference between the Helieo M200 and M100

Tyres and rims:

The M200 comes with 27.5 Kenda Nylon tyres. As a kid I always loved Kenda Tyres, they offer good grip on wet and dry conditions  and wear out is really slow. Besides, they also look good. These tyres are installed over good quality double walled alloy rims that are ideal for city riding offering great strength.

toutche electric heileo

Handle, gears and modes:

The M200 comes with a wide handlebar that allows you to operate the gears, accelerator and pedal assist modes. While most e-bikes are equipped with single speed or freewheel gears,  the M200 comes with Shimano 8-speed cassette, Shimano Altus 8 DR and Shimano M-315 8 speed shifter. 

This offers a wide range of gears that you can use while riding on pedal assist or while using a normal bicycle. 

toutche electric heileo

While the top speed of M200 is 25/kph just like the other e bikes, the bicycle comes with 8 pedal assist modes that make a huge difference. Especially, if you are on the heavier side these pedal assist modes will power you through high inclines and headwinds without dropping a sweat. 

And when it comes to stopping, the bicycle has mechanical disc brakes that get the job done. We do feel these disc brakes can surely get better in the future coming models.


So why should you buy the M200?

  1. Super Build quality 
  2. IP 65 rating
  3. Long range battery(80-100 kms with 12.8Ah)
  4. 8 pedal assist modes
  5. 8 speed Shimano cassette drivetrain
  6. Durable and long lasting tyres 


We were super satisfied with the quality of  helio bicycles and considering the long run and the huge battery range and other features, this bicycle is worth the price.

Placed at INR 62,990, the bicycle also comes with a very good quality stand and a headlight that can be used for your late evening or night rides. 

We look forward to the brand installing a horn in the future models. The mudguards and a carrier are offered as accessories – if you are lucky they are offered free with the bike at times. 

So if you are really interested in this brand, we are offering a small discount. You can use the coupon code below . The bicycle brand already has a network  of partners in different cities that can offer you support. 

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Abhishek Tarfe is a Certified Bike Mechanic from Park Tool School. He enjoys teaching people how to cycle and loves going on multi-day tours. Besides, he loves dogs and coffee. Follow his madness on Instagram

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