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Founded in 2012, VeloCrush India was started with the sole intention of promoting cycling in India as a sport. We do so by conducting cycling classes for kids and adults. We also rent and repair bicycles. If you are wondering where it got its name from, let’s make it easier: Velo – bicycle/ man-powered vehicle, Crush – To be passionate about something and India, to define its location.

We also provide people with product reviews, cycling tips, assist in buying a bicycle and more.

We also organize our own Cycle events that take you through the famous routes of Mumbai.


While the site has an Indian focus, we cover racing and publish cycling-related stories from around the world as well.

The domain www.velocrushindia.com/v2 belongs to Velocrush online services private limited

Join us in our endeavor to bring change in every corner and promote cycling in India.

Hashtag Us: #VeloCrushIndia #SwitchtoCycle