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Bicycle for kids: Best Kids Bicycles in India [Updated 2022]

Bicycle for kids plays an integral part in developing strength, balance and overall fitness. It is a healthy pastime that represents fun and freedom, and that’s everything when it comes to kids.  It also helps burn calories and strengthens the heart, lungs, and lower-body muscles and bones.


How to Buy a Bicycle for Kids

If you are looking to buy a bicycle for your boy/girl and want to see them succeed at the sport, ensure to buy the right one. Many a times, parents tend to buy a bicycle slightly bigger in size. However, as kids are still growing, they find it hard to hold the bike or even ride it. Let’s have a look at some of the main points to keep in mind while buying a bicycle for kids.

  1. Buy the right size:

When you opt to go to buy a bicycle, ensure to buy the right size. Parents usually land up buying a big cycle, so they don’t have to rebuy a bicycle later when they grow up. However, what they don’t realise is, some kids feel afraid as their feet don’t touch the ground. As a result, kids loose confidence and don’t want to pick up the sport.

2. Buy a good quality bike:

Most of the brand available in India are selling steel bikes and these bikes are pretty heavy. As we teach cycling to a lot of kids across India, some of them find it very hard to handle the bicycle. If you can, get a better quality bicycle made from alloy, they are much lighter as compared to steel.

3. Geared or non geared:

If your child has mastered the skill of cycling, it can be a good idea to get a geared bicycle. But if this is his first bicycle, ensure to get him a single speed cycle to learn balancing, braking and turning. Once mastered, then graduate to advanced skills of cycling.

4. Buy a second hand:

If a new bike seems to be way out of your budget or you are unsure whether your child will want to cycle, get a second hand bicycle for kids.  You can find a tons of bicycle on platforms like Facebook, OLX and more.

If you do happen to like any bicycle on these platforms, ensure they are in good shape. Also, do check the original price of the bicycle so that you know you are getting a better deal.

5.  Select the right wheel size:

One common mistake parents make while buying a bicycle for kids is that they choose a bicycle according to the frame size and seat height. Do remember, smaller bikes meant for children have a smaller diameter.

  • Ages 4 to 5: Wheel diameter of 12 inches (30 cm), child’s inseam 14–17 inches (36–43 cm).
  • Ages 6: Wheel diameter of 16 inches (41 cm), child’s inseam 18–21 inches (46–53 cm).
  • Ages 7-8: Wheel diameter 20 inches (51 cm); child’s inseam 22–25 inches (56–64 cm).
  • Ages 9+: Wheel diameter 24 inches (61 cm), child’s inseam 26 inches (66 cm) or larger

6. Check the brakes:

Brakes are the most import aspect when it comes to buying a bicycle. Check whether they align on either sides of the rim and do not rum agains the wheel while in motion. Moreover, also check whether your child finds it easy to use them.

7. Training wheels:

Training wheels are a good way to help your little one build confidence. So if you are opting to buy them, ensure they come with adjustments so you can move them a bit higher off the ground. This will give your child to get a sense of balance whilst still having the support of training wheels. Also, ensure to never push our child to remove the training wheels.

And if you prepare a professional coach to come and teach your kid, we have the expertise in Mumbai, Bangalore, & Delhi.

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8.Consider buying safety gear:

Besides buying a helmet, consider buying elbow and knee guards. This will help reduce the impact and prevent your child from getting hurt

Key Tip: Make sure you take your child along with you when it comes to buying a bicycle. This way you can make him try out bikes and figure out which is best for you.

Hence, every kid should ride a bicycle during their childhood. If you’re looking to buy a kids bicycle, here’s a list.

Decathlon kids cycle

Decathlon is a French company that has numerous stores across India. They are a sport for all company that provides products for every kind of sport played on earth. You can purchase clothes, equipment and much more at affordable prices. that being said, decathlon also has a cycling brand named Btwin. Btwin is known to sell bicycle for adults, bicycle for kids and even ladies. If you are looking for an affordable bicycle, btwin is a good choice.

Have a look at some cycle reviews of Btwin that we have reviewed on our youtube channel.




So without any further ado, let’s get to know some of theist bicycle for kids.

Decathlon Bicycle for kids price – Run Ride 100 Kids Bicycle (INR 3999)-

bicycle for kids

The run ride 100 kids is a bicycle for kids that have a sturdy frame and adjustable saddle. This bicycle is made for kids who are aged between 2 and 4 years (85 cm to 100 cm) learning to balance on a bike. With this kids bicycle, children can ace the skills of balancing without having to deal with pedals.


Decathlon Bicycle for kids price – B’twin Mistigirl 300 6-8 years kids cycle (INR 5499)-

If you are looking for a baby bicycle for 6-year-old, the Mistgirl is perfect for kids between 6-8 years old (120 to 135 cm tall). This kids bicycle has a sturdy frame and comes with V – brakes that offer powerful braking. The mistigirl 300 is very attractive and value for money.


Decathlon Bicycle for kids price: RACING BOY 300 KIDS BIKE 20″

This kids bicycle is made for Children ages 6 to 8 years (1.20 m to 1.35 m tall). This bicycle is ideal for neighbourhood rides and small trails. It comes with grips and powerful V brakes that make handling and breaking easily for your little one.

The racing boy kids bicycle also comes with a chain guard that offers enhanced safety thus, reducing the risk of injury on the chain. Also, the stem and seat post is extendable. So, you need not have to worry as your child grows.

Decathlon Bicycle for kids price: B’twin Inuit 100 4-6 years kids cycle (INR 5,499)-

This kids bicycle comes with a lowered frame for easy mounting and dismounting. The stop easy brakes allow the kid to break easily and suit the size, shape and strength of the little hands. This bike too comes with a built-in chain guard that keeps the child away from the drivetrain.


Decathlon Bicycle for kids: B’twin Rockrider 100 8-12 Years Kids Cycle (INR 5,999)-

Those of you looking for a basic single speed bicycle for kids, consider opting for this bicycle. The design is very basic and robust. If you have got a kid above 8 years (with a height of 4.5 to 5 feet), this kids cycle is just perfect.


Decathlon Bicycle for kids: B’twin Poply 100 8-12 years kids bicycle (INR 6499)-

This bicycle for kids is made for those above 8 to 12 years of age with a height of 4.5 to 5 feet. The kids cycle is very basic and it comes with a robust frame and no gears.  The unique frame design is what makes it easier for people to get on and off the bicycle. This cycle also comes with V-brakes for powerful braking.

Looking to buy an adult bicycle for yourself below INR 10000. Check this list.

You can even opt to watch out video of the best cycles under 10000 in India

Decathlon Bicycle for kids: B’twin Racing Boy 320 6-8 years Kids Bicycle (INR 6,999)-


The racing boy 320 comes with 5 speed, soft saddle, V-Brakes and 2 finger brake levers making it the best baby bicycle for kids of age 6-year-old and above (1.20 m to 1.35 m tall).


Decathlon Bicycle for kids: B’twin Mistigirl 320 Kids 6-8 years cycle (INR 6,999)-

Another baby bicycle for 6-year-old and above is the Btwin Mistigirl 320. This bicycle for kids comes with 5 speeds, soft saddle, and suitable brake levers and weighs around 11.8 kg.

A speciality of this kids bicycle is that it comes with grip shifters that make it easier for kids to change gears.

The bicycle for kids also comes with chain wheel guard and anti-jump derailleur guard that offers added safety by reducing the risk of injury on the chain wheel.


Decathlon Bicycle for kids price:B’twin Darkhero 500 3-6 Years Kids Bicycle (INR 6,999)-

Kids below the age group of 6 do not need to feel left out. The Btwin Dark hero 500 is just perfect for them to learn how to ride on two wheels.

The 16″ bike comes with a mudguard and stand.  It also has a full chain guard that ensures a safe ride for your child. The lowered frame for easy mounting and dismounting makes it the best bicycle for your kid.

Decathlon Bicycle for kids: Rockrider 300 Kids 24-inch MTB (INR)-

Made for kids for 8 years old and above, the Rockrider 300 kids is certainly a rock star. This bicycle for kids is a 24-inch bike for learning recreational mountain which is fully equipped with 6 speeds and ultra-soft shifter system for children. Strong Hi-Ten steel and MTB frame geometry, designed to enable children to easily ride along any kind of paths or trails.

This kids bicycle also comes with a quick release which front wheel which makes it easier to remove and can be transported easily.


Frog Cycles: Startship 20” INR-9,299

A 20 inch bicycle that offers a sturdy Y type frame  and heavy duty long lasting training wheels along with accessories like a bell, water bottle & pump included. While we do find the bicycle to be on the expensive side, it also comes with a parent rod included for 12” wheel size model that makes it easy to teach you little one.

bicycle for kids

Frog Rover 20″ INR 7,499

bicycle for kids

Looking for a companion for your little ones adventure? Check out the Frog Rover! Comes with a TIG welded frame, single speed drive train, heavy duty rubber tyres and a smooth suspension that makes the bike worth every penny.


Frog Rider 20″ INR 6,799

kids bicycle

Another simple bicycle that you can consider buying for your kids is the frog Rider. A 20 inch wheeled bicycle that comes with rubber tyres, side wheels and chain guard. This bicycle is the perfect companion for your kid to rid around and get him/her to enjoy cycling.

Frog Cycles Panther 20″: INR 16,999

Features of this bike include a sturdy aluminium alloy frame, Shimano 6-speed transmission, front & rear aluminium disc brakes, double layer alloy rims & shockproof fork of high-grade.


Firefox Skurrerz 14 (INR 6200)-

This bicycle is much suited for kids aged 3-5 years of age. The sturdy frame comes with BMS tires Training Wheel, Full covered chain guard, Safety pads and Fenders. The bicycle also comes with a  Seat Quick release that lets you adjust the height of the seat easily.

Looking for the best hybrid bicycles between 15,000 to INR 30,000. Check this.



Firefox Monstran 14 (INR Rs. 6,700)-

bicycle for kidsAnother bicycle from Firefox, which has a Steel Oversized Frame, a Steel Rigid fork, V-Brakes, 14″ BMX tires and training wheels. It is ideal for kids who are aged 3 to 4 years or is 3’- 3’6’’ feet tall. Such kids can easily ride this bicycle in the building compound.


Firefox Drako 14 (INR Rs. 6,300)-

A kids bicycle that is best suited for any kid aged 4 to 6 years or is 3’6’’- 4’ feet tall is the drako.

bicycle for kids


Firefox Daintee 14 (INR Rs. 6,400)-

When it comes to kids, they always need a lot of variety. Keeping this in mind, Firefox has designed bicycle for boys and bicycle for girls that are affordable, sturdy and long-lasting. At the same time, the bikes offer complete safety to the kid while cycling. The Firefox Dantee takes care of all these concerns and is the right bike for kids aged 3-5 years.

bicycle for kids


Firefox Diablo 16 (INR Rs. 6,900)-

The firefox Diablo comes with a Steel oversized square BMX frame, One piece crank, Reinforced training wheels and Non-toxic paint. The bicycle also comes with adjustable saddle & handle that makes it easier for you to adjust for your toddler.

bicycle for kids


Firefox Sweetie 16 (INR 7,100)-

This bicycle for girl comes with steel oversized girls BMX frame, One piece crank, Reinforced training wheel, Non-toxic paint, Colored rim, basket & streamers.

With this bike, we’re sure your little one is going to be happy cycling around the society.


Firefox Stormyum 20 (INR 7,300)-

Looking for a baby bicycle for 7-year-old? The stormyum 20 is perfect for kids aged between 7-9 years of age.

bicycle for kids

Firefox Demon X 20 (INR 7,400)-

While the bicycle looks cool with the orange and black combo, it is quite similar to the above-mentioned Firefox bikes.  The only major difference is that this kids bicycle comes with Nylon tyres & Butyl tubes.


Firefox Destiny 20 (INR 7,500)-

kids bicycle

Another bicycle specially designed for girls is the Destiny 20. The bicycle for girl comes in pink and sky blue color that your little one is surely going to love. It has Adjustable saddle & handle that makes it easy to adjust and ride away.


 Firefox Sweetie 20(INR 8,300)-

bicycle for kidsThis baby bicycle for 7-year-old and above comes with Colored rim, saddle & streamers that are sure to delight your little one.

Firefox Alfa 16 (INR 10,800)-

bicycle for kidsIf your kid is adventurous, get him the Firefox Alfa. This kids bicycle comes with steel full suspension frame and a front suspension with double crown.


Firefox Zunami 20(INR 7,700) 

Looking for more variety for your little one? This kids cycle is perfect for any 7-9 years old.

Firefox Meteorider 20 (INR 7,700)-

kids bicycleAnother baby bicycle for 7-year-old and above.


Firefox Mach+ ( INR 8,600)-

A Unique USP of this bicycle is that it comes with a Steel full suspension frame. The bicycle also has a sturdy suspension fork.

The Mach+ is suitable for kids aged 7-9 years old.


Firefox Breeze 24 (INR 9,500)-

The Firefox breeze bicycle for girl comes with alloy rims and a steel hardtail women-specific frame.  Ti has a good front suspension for and Wanda Nylon tyres & Butyl tubes. It also has V Brakes and Saddle & front wheel with QR facility.

Unlike the other bicycles for kids, this one is well suited for kids between 9-12 years of age.


Firefox Axxis 24 (INR 9,600)-

bicycle for kids

Steel hardtail frame, Front suspension fork, Alloy wheels, Cotterless crank, Adjustable saddle & stem are some of the top features of the FireFox Axxis. This Junior bicycle is well-suited for those who are aged 9-12 years.

Firefox Alfa 20 (INR 10,800)-


Besides the basic kids cycle, Firefox has some really cool bicycles for kids too. The Alfa is one of them! This junior bicycle comes with Steel full suspension frame, double crown suspension fork and Non-toxic paint. Most important of all, Firefox Alfa is equipped with Shimano 6 speed Revo Shifter that makes shifting gears a breeze.

Firefox Fusion 24 (INR 11,700)-

bicycle for kids

The fusion 24 comes with Shimano 6 speed REVO shifter, Zoom suspension fork, Alloy rims and Steel Hard tail frame.  The bicycle also has Wanda Nyoln tyres & Butyl tubes. The Fusion baby bicycle for 7 year old and above (up to 12).

Firefox Monster (INR 13,200)-

The orange and black colour combination certainly make this bike look like a monster. The bicycle is single speed and comes with Fat Nylon tyres & Butyl bicycle


Firefox Cyclone 24 (INR 14,200)-

The Firefox Cyclone takes kids bicycle to a whole new level.  It is equipped with Alloy hardtail frame, Shimano ALTUS 21 speed EZ Fire shifters, ZOOM front suspension, Alloy rims, Wanda Nylon tyres & Butyl tubes.

If your kid is in the age group of 9 to 14 years, this sturdy and well styled Mountain bicycle is a good buy.


Firefox Bad Attitude 2.4V (INR 15,900)-

The Firefox Bad Attitude is an entry level MTB that comes with value for money components. The bicycle comes with a Suspension fork with double crown and Shimano ALTUS 21 speed shifters. It also has Alloy double wall rims with CNC side that makes it ideal to ride on mildly bumpy roads and mud paths and trails.


Firefox kids cycle

Firefox Bad Attitude 2.4D (INR 19,100)-



Looking for a fully loaded bicycle for your kid who is aged around 9 to 12 years? The Bad Attitude comes with front suspension, Shimano Tourney and not to forget the disc brakes.

Avon Charge (INR 5211)-

Avon charge is another decent bicycle that you can buy for your kids who are looking to learn cycling or can ride all by themselves. The bikes comes with 20 inch tyres, single speed drive train, foam seat and a raised handlebar that make cycling fun.

kids bicycle


Avon Prix:

decathlon bicycle for kids

Avon buffy

The bicycle for girl is pink and white in colour and comes with a basket and foam padded with backrest for comfortable riding.

bicycle for kids

There are many other bicycle for kids by Avon that focus more on safety which you can see here.


Hercules Rambo (INR 4,800)-

The Hercules Rambo comes with a Super Sporty Frame with front suspension. It has caliper brakes with alloy levers that make it a good kids bicycle.


bicycle for kids

SPITFIRE 20″ (INR 5,360)-

The Hercules spitfire comes with a sleek and sporty frame. This kids cycle is equipped with V-brakes with alloy levers that make braking easy.

For more Hercules bicycle for kids, click here.

If you know of any other bicycle for kids, feel free to comment below and let us know!

B’twin images have been taken from Btwin website

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