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Best Cycles Under 10000 Rupees For Adults in India [Today]


Below is a list of some best cycles under 10000 rupees that will ease your life!

Each one of us has fallen in love with cycling when we were kids. However, with time, you had to let go cycling and make way for responsibilities and stress. While this lifestyle certainly brings you the currency, your health silently takes a toll. This is when you realize that you need to exercise to get healthy and what better way than getting a bicycle for an affordable price to kick start cycling?

That’s when the hunt begins, we start looking up for the best cycles under 10000 rupees on the internet. We ask around people, we put up a post on Quora, we try getting in touch with those who are already into cycling. Basically, your hunt to get the best cycles under 10000 rupees will only end once you get the right one.

But little do you realize that you only complicated the process of reaching to the best cycles under 10000. The numerous opinions, the hundreds of comments got you confused and the process of buying a bicycle only got complicated.

Geared or non-geared? Shimano Altus or Shimano Acera? Suspension or no suspension and the list goes on.

In order to ease your life, we decided to list down some best cycles under 10000 rupees that will help you narrow down your search to some of the best in the market.


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#1. B’twin My Bike hybrid cycle (4,499):

best cycles under 10000

A bicycle that is well suited for urban commuting, the Btwin my bike is the most uncomplicated bike to ride on Indian roads. The single speed bicycle comes with frames and wheels that are well designed for the pathetic Indian roads. A wide bicycle seat to support your rear, raised handlebar for a better posture makes the B’twin my bike the best cycles in India under 5000.

#2. B’twin St 20 (INR 6,999):

Want to squeeze in a 30 to one-hour workout on a bicycle? Look no further the B’twin ST 20 is the most affordable bike with a straight body posture. With this bike, you can ride with a straight posture on the highway and within the city. Made from steel and equipped with a rigid suspension fork, the cycle is pretty decent.


best cycle

If you are on a low budget but wish to squeeze in a 30 to one-hour workout, opt for the best gear cycle under 10000.



Best cycles under 10000

Cradiac is a new brand that is delivered to you as a fully fitted bicycle. This cycle under 10000 is available in blue, red, orange and yellow, the cardiac comes with 27.5 and 29 inch wheel size. The frame is made from Steel and comes with double walled rims, single speed drive train and a front suspension making it ideal for those looking to get started with cycling.

On the overall, the cycle looks great and is very sturdy ad durable. Besides, it also comes with mudguards and side stand as well.


#4. Omo Hampi 700:

If you prefer to cruise around town with the wind in your hair and the breeze kissing our face, get the Omo Hampi. Build in India, the bike is ideal for those looking to ride around the city from anywhere between 5-15kms

best cycles under 10000


#5. Omo Manali G1 – The Offroader INR 9500:-

Are you looking for a bicycle that’s suitable for mild off roading? Check out the Manali G1 that comes with a suspension fork and dual disc brakes. The off-roader also comes with double walled alloy rims and a geometry that promises a comfortable ride.


best cycles india


#6. Omo Model 1.0 INR 7750:-

best cycles for adults

Another Omo cycle that is suitable for height 5’2″ to 5’10 is the model 1.0. It comes with a single speed drive train, rigid fork, High Tensile Steel Frame Quick Adjustable Seat & Slanting Top Tube makes the bicycle easy to ride for men, women, kids & senior citizens.

#7. B’twin Riverside 100 (INR 8,999):

Another good bicycle made by Decathlon is the Btwin Riverside 100. This bike too is ideal for bike rides of 30 minutes to 1 hour in parks and along road-worthy trails. The Riverside 100 is versatile enough to take you on weekend rides as well.

#8. Mach City iBike -Single speed (INR 6,799):

best mountain bike under 10000


Those of you, looking to rediscover your city, the Mach City iBike is the quintessential city bike! The lightweight steel frame, durable nylon tyres and low maintenance cost is what makes it the best cycles under 10000 rupees. Not only that, the bike also comes with a quick release system on the front wheel that makes it easy to attach and remove it.

You can also take a look at the iBike for women which are placed at the same price.

#9. Kross Bolt 26T Approx (INR 7000):-

The Kross bicycle is a mountain bike that comes with V-brakes and comes with a warranty on the frame for a year. The bike offers a comfortable saddle and riding position which makes it ideal for city commute and leisure rides.

#10. Mach City iBike 7 Speed (men and women INR 8,649)

Low budget but still wish to own a bicycle with gears? Worry not, the Mach city iBike 7 speed has got you covered. The lightweight steel frame, a quick release front wheel, durable nylon tyres make it quite similar to the iBike. However, this bike is also equipped with a 7-speed Shimano Tourney gear system with Revo Shifters for quick shifting between flat roads and climbs.

best gear cycles under 15000

So, hop on and go explore your city on this gear cycle which is at a price below 10000!

Check Price on Amazon 

Viva Aero 26T Multispeed Mountain Bike:

best cycle under 10000


Suitable for those above 12 years, the Viva cycle is an MTB that looks really cool. This MTB comes with front disc brake and rear V brake, double walled rims and 21 gears. Built from steel, the bike is pretty strudy and versatile. Do read the reviews on amazon before buying.

#11. Hercules Rodeo:

The best gear cycle under 10000 that is stylish, comfortable and rolls smoothly is the Hercules rodeo. The Mech formed Hardtail steel frame and front suspension ensures superior ride quality.


The Roadeo is available in different variations that are listed below and are available at different prices.
A 50
A 75 

A50 26″ INR 13,500:-

The A50 is a super stylish hardtail MTB bike that comes in large and medium frame size. The bike also comes with Front Disc, Rear V-Brake and gears that make riding comfortable and fun.

#12. Hercules Riot:


The riot is another beauty from Hercules. The bike is available in V brake as well as disc brake versions. It is equipped with 21-speed easy fire thumb shifters and Shimano gears. The bike is available in a medium and large frame that is comfortable to ride. Unlike other bicycles, this Riot is equipped with quick release for both the wheels and the seat post.

#13. Munich Single Speed (INR 8499):

Mach City’s Munich is another version of single speed that is under 10000. However, the only difference we could spot from the iBike is that it comes in fancier colours. Besides the frame, seat post, bottom bracket and the tyres vary.

#13. iBike Hard Tail (INR 8,249):

The iBike Hard tail makes even the rough roads a smooth sail. The bike comes with a basic front suspension that absorbs shocks and bumps offering you a seamless ride.

Here’s a list of bicycles between INR 15,000 to INR 30,000!

#15. Frog Granite 27.5:

The frog granite comes with a 27.5 inch wheel set, single speed drive train and V-brakes that are good enough for city riding or commute. If you are looking for a bicycle that’s pretty straight forward and gets the job done, this is one of the best cycles under 10000 for adults.

best cycles under 10000


#16. Bike Ark Fixie Orb INR 8649:

High tensile steel frame, alloy V-brakes and 700x28c tires sounds pretty common doesn’t it? However, the Bike ark is not a normal bicycle. It’s a Fixie. So if you thing you are made for all things good, get yourself this fixie!

best cycles under 10000

#17. FitTrip Snyper 27.5 (INR 10,400):

Looking for an affordable bicycle that comes with disc brakes, suspension and 27.5′ wheels? The FitTrip is what you should be looking at. However, this bike does not come with gears.

#18. Munich 21 Speed (INR 11,499):

This 21-speed bike comes with features such as a lightweight steel frame, a quick release front wheel and durable nylon tyres. It is also equipped with a 21-speed Shimano Tourney gear system with Shimano EZ Fire Shifters for quick, breezy rides.

#19. Kross Maximus 21 Speed Bicycle (INR 8000):

The Kross Maximus 26t single speed disc is a simple and functional bicycle that is good for Indian road conditions too. The bicycle offers comfort and makes to our list of the best cycles under 10000.


#20.WaltX Trak 1:


Brand: WaltX

Frame: Steel 

Wheel Size: 700C walled

Drivetrain: Single Speed

Brakes: V brakes

A brand that belongs to choose my bicycle, WaltX has a series of single speed as well as geared bikes that you can buy. The Trak 1 is a sleek looking bike with a single speed drive train, double walled 700C wheels and a rigid suspension fork.

#21. Rockrider 340 (INR 13,999):

A cool hybrid bicycle that is perfect for the city commute, occasional mountain biking and weekend-long rides is the Rockrider 340. The international standards of the lightweight aluminium frame and Shimano Tourney 21 speed makes it one of the best cycles for adults.

#22. Montra Downtown (INR 13,950):


Looking to get a bicycle for fitness purpose and for daily commute? The Montra downtown fits the bill perfectly. In fact, the bike is even reliable for the weekend-long rides. It comes with disc brakes and still goes easy on your wallet.

Don’t miss out on reading hybrid bicycles between INR 15,000 to INR 30,000!

#23. Cosmic Eldorado 1.0 L 21 Speeds: (Approx 15000):

The Cosmic Eldorado 1.0L 26 – 21 Speed is an entry-level MTB that is manufactured by an Indian Brand. The bicycle is for those who are looking to ride on bumpy roads and tackle mild trails. A good thing about this bicycle is it comes with basic suspension and disc brakes.


#24. Unirox AMSTEREDM 27.5 Unisex Aluminum-Alloy Single Speed Mountain Bike ( INR 14,999):

If you are looking for a unisex alloy bicycle frame, the Unirox will serve the purpose. Costing around INR 15,000, the bicycle front suspension, disc brakes and 27.5 tyres.

Do keep in mind, the bike does not come with gears

Think we missed out on some best cycles under 10000 rupees for adults, comment and let us know below!

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Abhishek Tarfe is a Certified Bike Mechanic from Park Tool School. He enjoys teaching people how to cycle and loves going on multi-day tours. Besides, he loves dogs and coffee. Follow his madness on Instagram

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