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Single speed cycle chain

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Buy Cycle Chain Single Speed Chain | Lube, Cleaner, Tool & more

A bicycle chain is an important component that brings the cycle to life. Bicycle chains are available as a single speed chain and as a geared cycle chain.

Composed of hundreds of rollers, plates and links, the bicycle chain contains the highest number of moving parts than the rest of your cycle combined. Hence, it is important to ensure the chain is well maintained at all times. 

Bicycles for kids, track cycles, commuter cycles and BMX cycles are some that come with single speed chain.  

There are a lot of differences when it comes to the difference between a single speed chain and gear cycle chain. 

single speed cycle chain

The most significant differences are mentioned below:


In general, a single speed chain is shorter in length as compared to a gear cycle chain. There might be a few brands that sell longer chains, however, you will have to shorten them before installing as single speed bikes do not have a derailleur.


On the other hand, a Singlespeed cycle chain is 1/4-inch (6.35mm) wide, whereas a derailleur chain is 3/16-inch (4.76mm) wide. 

There are two types of bicycle chains- single speed chain and gear cycle chain. 

How to put cycle chain

If you are looking to put cycle chain on a geared cycle (without rear suspension) follow the steps below:-

  1. Put the chain on the largest chain ring and the largest cog combination as showing in the picture. 
  2. Do not pass the chain through the derailleur 
  3. Add 2 more links to this length for proper chain length

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How to clean cycle chain?

A well maintained cycle chain will not only work smooth but also last long. Hence, it is important to ensure that it is free from any dirt, grime or gunk. 

There are two ways you can clean your cycle chain.

  1. Park your bike against a wall or put it on a work stand if you have one
  2. Tag a piece of cloth, spray WD 40, Diesel or any degreaser and hold it on the lower part of the chain. 
  3. Hold it in place and turn the pedal backwards
  4. Ensure to hold the rag tight enough to wipe the grime but loose enough so the chain moves freely
  5. Remove and reposition the rag so that you get a clean area of the rag
  6. Repeat this process a few times so as the chain appears clean
  7. To clean the inside of the chain, cut a small string of cloth and pass it through each link and clean. 
  8. Once done, re lube the chain

How to tighten cycle chain?

At times, your single speed cycle chain can get loose. Due to which, your chain will keep falling off the crank. In such cases it is important to tighten the cycle chain. Follow the steps below to tighten cycle chain. 

  1. Turn the cycle and place it upside down.
  2. Start by loosening the axle bolts on both the sides (14-15)
  3. Apply pressure agains the seat and pull back the seat
  4. Make sure the tyre is not rubbing against the frame and tighten one side
  5. Once you tighten one side, move on to the other
  6. Check the chain to confirm whether it is tight
  7. Redo if required 

Bonus Tip:

You can even pull the wheel behind and ask someone to hold the rear brake simultaneously. This way you can tighten it as well. 

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Which cycle chain lube?

There are tons of cycle chain lube in the market and choosing the right one can be very daunting. However, opt for those that fit within your budget and get the job done. You will find different types of cycle chain lube for different weather conditions. 

For a hot or dry weather, there are dry lubes, whereas for wet conditions, a wet lube is ideal.  A dry lube attracts less dirt and is very light as compared to a wet lube. Hence, experts advice you to use the right type of lube for the right season. 

While some of you might find these to be very expensive, you can opt for normal lubes that ensure your bicycle chains work effectively and stays protected at all times. If you get your bicycle repaired from a local mechanic by the road, the general use sewing machine oil that gets the job done and are very cheap. 

How to put a bike chain back on single speed?

There might be times when the cycle chain falls of while riding and putting it back can be very hard for some of you. However, if you face such an issue, follow the method below.

  1. Put the chain back on the rear gear of the cycle
  2. Place some part of the chain on the big gear in the front (top side)
  3. Slowly start pedalling forward

When to change/replace cycle chain?

Consider looking at the chart below. 

single speed cycle chain

For geared cycle:

Anything or at 0.75, change your chain immediately. 

If you have a geared cycle with 10 or fewer gears, replace your chain as it reached 0.75% wear

If you’re using a 11-12 speed chain, replace your chain once it reaches 0.5% wear

bicycle chain

For single speed cycle chain

Replace your single speed chain when it has reached 1% wear

The easiest way to know if the cycle chain is worn out is by using a tool. If you are looking to change your Bible chain yourself, you will need certain tools. However, as it is a once in a while process, it’s best to get a mechanic do it for you. 

To buy the cycle chain tool, click here- Chain Breaker Tool

Before you get into replacing your bicycle chain, its important to figure out whether your cycle chain needs replacement. Here are simpler ways to know if the chain is worn out or not. 

  1. Lift off chainring:

Start by shifting the rear gear on the smallest cog and the largest chainring in the front. 

Then lift the chain off the chainring. 

If the chain gets lifted and you can say daylight between the chain ring and your chain, you need to replace your chain or your chain is wearing off. This method is nearly accurate to using a tool to measure wear. 

Cycle chain degreaser in India or cycle chain cleaner

There are plenty of cycle chain degreaser that you can buy in India. However, most of them are way expensive. While most of you are okay buying and using them as and when required, there are quite a few alternatives that mechanics use to clean motorbike or cycle chain. 

One of the easiest ways to clan your chain is by using kerosene, petrol or diesel. To apply this, use a brush or simply remove the cycle chain and soak it in a tray with diesel. 

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Single Speed Cycle chain amazon

If you’re looking to buy the best cycle chain on amazon, here rare a few trusted and well-known companies that sell single speed cycle chain and other products on amazon. 

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