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5 cycling apps


Best Cycling Apps Free – Android and iPhone Apps

With an increase in international brands entering the Indian market, cycling has reached a new high. With the ever-growing demand for the best of bikes and parts, the demand for accessories too has grown like never before.

One of the most commonly sought after accessories is the cyclometer. It helps you keep track of several important aspects like your total distance, time, average speed etc. You can even consider investing in a cycle computer

However, with the advance in technology, it is now possible to save those extra bucks and download a couple of free apps instead. These cycling apps are as accurate as your cyclometer and work on GPS allowing you to turn your phone into the ultimate cycling computer as you track your performance.

You most likely already carry your Smartphone on bike rides, so why not put the phone’s GPS functionality to work with a full-featured cycle computer, mapping, and training log app.

We don’t recommend mounting a Smartphone on the handlebar due to concerns about water, vibration, dirt damage and the bad conditions of Indian roads. It’s better to be tidy and keep it in your pocket and let it work its magic.

Our List of some of the best cycling apps that we think will prove as useful if not more than your good old cyclometer.


1. Strava cycling app:

Strava cycling app is a favourite among runners and cyclist all over the globe. Not only does it allow you to keep track of your key stats but also helps you explore popular segments.

Strava cycling app gives you the ability to view your activity map as you ride. You can train more effectively and set personal records.

The cycling app provides users with monthly challenges which help you push harder and get better at cycling/running. Its user-friendly nature allows one to share and connect with other users. The app on purchasing lets you train more effectively.

• The best cycling app is powered with great social and competitive features.
• It provides you with heart rate suffer score, power zone etc.
• You can keep a track on your elevation and calories burned.
• You are able to ‘follow’ other athletes, which shows their recent activities in your feed.
• Can also connect to Instagram.
• STRAVA also lets you keep track of different bikes and components, which allows easy tracking of how many miles each bike or part has been used.

• Strava records the elapsed time but doesn’t post it.
• Rides and routes are public by default.
• You might need to use the complete website for some additional features.
• Unlike Map my ride, Strava fails to integrate music with your workout.


• The cycling app is exciting and fearlessly competitive but still fails to fulfill a few basic needs of a tracking app.
• The app takes segments of your ride and pits your best time against others who have ridden the same stretch.
• If you love challenges and setting records or even exploring new tracks, this one’s just the app for you.

Dailymile cycling app:

This cycling app is suitable for any kind of cycling, whether it’s touring, commuting, etc. This app just like Strava provides you with real-time stats such as speed, distance covered, average, etc. Dailymile allows syncing of devices like CycleOps Joule, PowerTap, Fitbit, Nike+, Garmin, Polar, Timex, and Magellan.


• Provides detail on nutrition, food, diet, and weight tracking.
• Social media sharing.
• Apparently holds the world’s largest database for cycling, running and walking.
• Sync your data online.
• Sponsored challenges, climbing up the leader board etc.
• Inbuilt auto-pause option which stops recording your elapsed time.
• The application also includes embedded maps so the user can plan routes.
• Create fitness goals and post them to your profile.
• Upload images to go with your profile.


You might need to use the complete website for some additional features.
The cycling app lacks details ride information and also doesn’t permit the user to create segment climbs. you cannot compare your performance either with your friends or your personal best.

Bottom Line:

Dailymile offers many simple features that are combined to offer athletes a full spectrum of functions that can make their fitness goals easier to obtain. The application records more than workout times. Users can add how much they have lifted, how many repetitions they have managed and routes taken. Dailymile can help athletes plan, organize and keep track of their workouts each day.

Have a look at the 3 best free cycling apps every cyclist have on their phone and you should too!

Mapmyride cycling app:

This mobile cycling app uses the built-in GPS technology of your phone similar to Strava and other cycling apps. The app effortlessly marks out your path along an interactive map and records essential metrics including duration, distance, pace, speed and elevation.

Once your workout is complete, the cycling app saves your data and it automatically uploads to where you can view your route, workout data, and complete workout history.

Share your route and workout with your friends and family on Facebook.


• The app is user-friendly.


• Few features on the app require a pro account as some data is only available through a Web account, not available on an iPhone.
• No summaries with daily, weekly, monthly totals can be viewed.
• Few features are only available with an account upgrade which will cost you.
• Serious cyclists might fancy a slightly more sophisticated app.

Bottom Line:

• The well-known Map My Ride+ app gives cyclists the core data they want, both, on the go and after a ride.
• Map My Ride+ contains audio feedback, like mile markers or a cue that you’re moving too slow, which you can tailor.
• Includes a food logging section that permits you to count calories consumed and burned.

ENDOMONDO cycling app:

Endomondo allows you to measure several other activities besides cycling and running. It comes with a unique feature called the news feed which updates you on recent workouts and activities done by your friends. The app allows you to peptalk and post comments on their activity. You can also study nearby routes and use the app to navigate your way.

View history of workout and study split times per km or miles. You can also race against your previous time or your friends best time to be the ultimate route champion.

The app allows you to pause automatically which needs to be set beforehand. Unlike other apps, Endomondo is customisable and you can set your main screen to show the information which you think is most valuable to you. Enter a workout manually, e.g. a treadmill run, spinning or weight training.

The cycling app allows you to view daily training volume and also analyze your performance workout. Like the other apps, this app allows you to join challenges providing you with chances to win prizes and eventually motivating you. You can also share your workout on social media websites like Google+ or Facebook.


• It’s a free cycling app that is user-friendly. (Also, available in the premium pack)
• Powered by Google maps, makes it widely used and precise.
• Get audio feedback at regular intervals.
• Track your heart rate (compatible with BTLE, BT and ANT+ heart rate monitors).
• The GPS driven data can be a huge benefit towards improvement.
• You can also enter indoor workouts manually.
• Workout photos, #hashtag, tagging of friends, automatic pause when stationary, customizable home screen, countdown, and much more.


• One is limited to data sets to add notes to tracked workouts.
• Some users have complained that the calorie burner is not accurate


Endomondo seems to be more user-friendly providing a wider array of outdoor sports related to speed, distance, calorie, etc. Thus, it is one of the best cycling apps today.

CYCLOMETER cycling app:

This iPhone cycling app takes a different approach to mapping, training, and data-logging.

Rather than depending on a separate online service to do most of the data storage and analysis, as most apps do, this app monitors your progress with up to 25 configurable announcements including distance, time, speed, elevation, and more.

Before using the app, you may enter setup data, including items such as your age, weight, and gender, which help the app determine accurate calorie burn stats. You may also specify different bikes, and specify how you want the app to present its maps, set voice prompts, determine what appears on your data graphs, and more.

History tab helps to accumulate training log data by days or weeks, going back to years. The app also provides the user with a quick data summary.


• Amazingly rich with features with great graph output.
• Cycle meter lets you sync real-time ride updates to your Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail accounts.
• When it comes to training, the app accommodates real-time heart rate, heart rate logging, and ability to set heart rate zones with enabled sound prompts.
• Allows users to download training logs into an Excel spreadsheet.
• Tracks not just cycling, but running, walking, skiing, and other sports.
• Available in five languages.
• This best cycling app also works with a Bluetooth-linked wireless heart rate monitor (more on that later).


• Only available for iPhone.
• No prompt during set up to add age, weight, or sex to calculate calorie burn, although the feature does exist.

Bottom Line:

• Collects precise data, and also contains numerous well-thought-out features, and appeals to fitness enthusiasts who participate in more than one sport.
• Serious bicycling enthusiasts and racers should look no further than Cycle meter by Abvio.

With the detailed information given about the best cycling apps, you can choose the one that fits your requirements.

COURTESY: Tracy Alvares

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