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Best Cycle Brands in India And World – Top Cycle Brands [2022]

Best cycle brands in India are plenty. And choosing the right one for yourself is next to impossible.

Why do we say so?


The moment we settle on a budget, we always fall for something better. Let’s have a look at some of the best bicycle brands in India for adults and kids.


The article is a list of all the best cycle brands in India and the world that are available. Besides, none of the brands are reviewed or been paid to be featured by velocrush.

Best cycle brands in India: (Indian Brands)

There’s a vast difference between Indian bicycle brands and imported bicycle brands.

So without any further delay, let’s get to the best cycle brands in India




As a child, Avon was a brand that we all loved and wished to own, didn’t we? Established in 1948, Avon Cycles Ltd. has emerged as one of the largest cycle manufacturers in India. All in all, the brand has over 200 different models of bicycles that cater to all age groups.

Besides, AVON also manufactures trendy CYCLUX series that are well-suited for the city and outdoor cycling.


In 1949, the Murugappa Group collaborated with Tube Investments (UK) TI Cycles. Since then, they together deal with the manufacturing and designing of bicycles.

Today, we know BSA for its flagship brands BSA, Hercules and Montra.
Besides, their products are certified with ISO 9001:2000, OSHAS 18001-2007 and ISO 14001-2004. TI Cycles as brand ensures that they are quality and customer-centric organization.


A well-known brand from India that makes bicycles for kids, women, teenagers and adults is Firefox. Above all, the brand is quite affordable and makes some really decent bikes for entry- level cyclist.

Moreover, they also have a few high end bikes and 29er that you can consider buying. Besides, the brand now has been purchased by hero cycles and falls under their umbrella of cycling brands.


Schnell, a German word that literally means ‘fast’ or ‘quick’. Most importantly, while the brand sounds German, let us tell you, it’s not. It’s Indian.

However, that doesn’t stop the brand from making robust, bicycles that range from Kids, MTB bicycles, Road and hybrids.

Above all, the brand is known to produce decent quality bikes for the price you pay. Besides, you also get quite a lot of features at a lower price point.


One of the largest bicycle manufactures in India is Hero Cycles. Establish in 1956 in Ludhiana Punjab, the brand started manufacturing bicycle components. However, today, Hero Cycles is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of Bicycles and producing 19,000 cycles per day.

Whereas, the brand exports their products to over 70 different countries that include, Africa, Finland, UK, Europe, Japan and more.


Roulik bikes is an Indian bicycle brand that hails from the south of India. The brand was founded in 2016 by a team of experienced engineers who are passionate about bikes and innovation.

Recently, the brand also happened to launch their first electric bicycle and aims to revolutionise the future and simplify human lives.

7.Mach city:

Another bicycle brand that comes under the Murugappa Group is Mach City.

Above all, Mach city is an Indian brand that focusses only on city bikes that are affordable and a good way to get around town.


A young foldable bicycle brand from India is PPOF (Pankaj Patil on Foldie).

Firstly, the bicycles are light and easy to carry. Secondly, they  roll well over potholes and bumps. Thirdly, If you don’t have space to store a full size bike, PPOF is the right choice. So, if you’re looking for the best foldable bicycle for city or long distance rides, PPOF is pretty good.

9. Omo Bikes:

Omo is a pretty new bicycle from Delhi that sells entry level bicycle that are ideal for commute and fitness. They also have kids bicycles that can be purchased from their office website or from amazon.

We recently reviewed the Omo Hampi 707.

Check the review below:-

10. Fitrip:

A brand that manufactures entry level MTBs for cyclist in India with a low budget is Fitrip. Based out of Delhi, the brand is know for it’s entry level MTB Fitrip Snyper which is available with and without gears. Check their website to know more about the brand and their bicycles.


With over 20 years of experience in the cycling industry, Kross Bicycles has grown from a small bicycle shop to a leading manufacturer of bicycles in Europe. However, it was the year of 2006 when Kross bikes decided to segment their products into different categories. Today, Kross makes Road bikes, Mountain bikes, Urban bikes and so on.

12.Lightspeed Bikes:

Ahmedabad based manufacturer of electric mobility solutions, LightSpeed Mobility Pvt. Ltd is into manufacturing Electric bIkes.  The brand has an in-house design and engineering team. Over the years, their bikes are known to provide maximum comfort to riders who travel long distances.

Besides,  LightSpeed e-Bikes come fitted with a portable, rechargeable battery that’s easy to carry along wherever you go.

13. Tata Stryder:

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata International Ltd. Tata Stryder Pvt. Ltd, that offers a wide range of bicycles under Premium. The have cycles in the MTB, SLR, Kids and Roadster categories. Thus, making it to our list of best cycle brands in India. Do check out their cycles on their official website.

14. Vaux Cycles:

Newly launched brand in India, Vaux bicycle makes kids and adults bikes in Jamnagar, Gujarat. They make steel as well as alloy bikes that start from INR 8000 and go all the way up to INR 40000. These bicycles are available in vibrant colours and you get lifetime warranty on the frame. They also offer 9 months warranty on the fork.


Headquartered in Bangalore, Coppernicus is an Indian bicycle brand specialises in making Electric bicycles. New into the market, the brand has the T3 model that’s making a lot of noise in the market.

16. Frog Cycles:

Frog cycles has been reducing the bicycle experience across India since 2015. Frog offers some of the best cycles in India for kids, adults and women.

17. Huge Cycles:

Huge cycles from India offers a wide range of cycles for the Young generation that prefer city biking, mountain biking and adventure biking. The bikes usually come with alloy rims, vibrant and florescent colours, equipped with SHIMANO gears and more.


These are some of the best Cycle brands in India. Let’s move on to the international giants that we all envy.

Best cycle brands in World and India: (Imported Brands)


Formed in 1885, this Historic Italian brand and performance bicycle company is the world’s oldest bicycle manufacturing company still in existence. The brand is into making Bikes, frames, parts and accessories in Bianchi.

Besides, if you’re looking to get your hands on one, head to track and trail 

2. BMC:

best bicycle brands in india

Premium bicycle brand that certainly makes it to our best cycle brands in India list is BMC. Establish in 1994, the Swiss brand makes some of the high standard road bikes, time trial bikes and more.

Until date, the brand has won big races like the Tour de France, the Team Time Trial and Road World Championships. Besides, they have also won the MTB XCO World Championships and numerous Ironman Championships.

Looking to try one out?

Head to BYK India or Bikeshark.


Btwin is Decathlon’s in-house bicycle brand that manufactures and sells bicycles, accessories and other products. The brand is known for its design, durability, innovation and affordability. Above all, Btwin is known for its famous bicycle  range such as the Triban, Rockrider and Riverside.



best bicycle brands in india

Founded in 1971, Cannondale has come along way ever since the brand took birth in a crowded loft above a pickle factory. Ever since it’s inception, the brand is widely regarded as the bike industry’s leading innovator with game-changing technologies.

In India, the brand is sold as a part of Track and Trail. So if you’re looking to get one, head to the nearest Track and trail shop.


If you are looking for the world’s first folding bicycle brand, Dahon is the brand you should be looking at. With over three decades of experience, Dahon has 300+ patents and is trusted worldwide.


Ghost bikes is a brand founded by young bike enthusiasts ‘Uwe Kalliwoda’ and ‘Klaus Möhwald’ in ‘Waldsassen’ in 1993. Firstly, the brand is known to develop high-quality bicycles for professional and recreational riders. Secondly, the brand covers a wide range of mountain bikes, road bikes, trekking bikes, e-bikes and urban models.

Thirdly, the Indian market hasn’t seen the best of Ghost bikes as only the low-end MTBs are available at selected stores. Besides, it is also a committed sponsor for some of the world’s best MTB teams and riders.

If you’re looking to try any of the best cycle brands in India, here’ s a list of stores you can visit:-


Java is a Singapore based brand that manufactures some really cool looking bicycles at affordable rates. The brand is into MTbs, Roadbikes, Folding bicycles and more. However, in India Java’s road bikes are quite popular.

8. Scott:

Founded in 1958, Scott sports is a Swiss brand that is into manufacturing bicycles, winter equipment, gear, sportswear and motorsports. Besides, Scott happens to be one of the few brands in India that has their own bicycle team.


best bicycle brands in india

Another mighty brand in the cycling world is Giant. The brand is so big that they manufacture bicycle frames for other brands like Scott, specialized and more.

Besides, they also have the best bicycle fitting and servicing facilities.

10.Lapierre Bikes:

In the late 1940s, Gaston Lapierre started a small bicycle business in Dijon, France, which quickly became a success in the ever-growing cycling industry.

Finally, after 70 years in the bike business, the brand constantly thrives to moving forward, innovating and creating some of the best products in the market.


11.Polygon bikes:

With over 25 years of experience in the cycling industry, Polygon is another renowned bicycle brand in India. The brand operates manufacturing facilities in Indonesia. The bikes manufactured by Polygon are affordable. However, the are known to make good quality bikes.

Polygon is not only know for its MTB and road bikes, but also for it’s Full suspension bikes that are widely used in downhill biking.


best bicycle brands in india

Unlike other bicycle brands, Merida has a completely different story. It all started when Tseng took a trip to the USA in the 1970s. That’s when he happened to discover a note at the door of a bike shop stating ‘ no bikes from Taiwan were accepted for repair due to bad quality’.

This really annoyed Tseng that led him to start his own bicycle company Merida Industry Co., Ltd. in Taiwan. The rough translation of the three syllables “Me-Ri-Da” means that the company’s intention is to manufacture only beautiful and high-quality products.

Isn’t this a great story?

However, in spite of this, Tseng wasn’t satisfied so in 1988, he took the second step by launching the independent brand MERIDA.



For over 4 decades, Mongoose has been a reliable brand on the trails, off the ramp and in the dirt. Founded in 1974 in a garage in California, the brand has been creating products that are aggressive and push the limits of a rider.

So if you are are looking for a bike that produces some of the best bikes for BMX and mountain biking, Mongoose is what you should be looking at.

Besides, Mongoose is synonymous with bikes that perform on the smoothest single track to the biggest drops.


Raleigh, does the name sound familiar?

Established way back in 1887, it’s one of the oldest bicycle brands in the world.

This best cycle brand in India is renowned for their iconic bikes such as the Burner, Grifter and Chopper.



Ridely is known for making really good bikes across India and hence it makes it to our list of the best cycle brands in India. Based in the heartland of cycling, Ridley is a Belgium based brand. At Ridley, each employee has cycling coursing through their veins and they live and breathe the sport.

To add to this, India’s first Pro Cycling team (Naveen John and Arvind Panwar) ride a Ridley.


best bicycle brands in india

Trek has one of the most beautiful stories when it comes to the origin of the high-end bicycle brand. After the dream of owning a nationwide chain of bicycle shops in university towns, failed, a new Idea was born. Trek.

Need we say more?

17.Cosmic Bicycles:

Little do we know, Cosmic bicycles have been around sine 1972. Since then the brand has experienced a transformation of bicycles. Right from the simple mechanics of the early 1970’s to the couples engineering of the modern bicycle technology of today.

Website >>> Click here



Are you one of those who believe cycling can change lives? Then Specialized is your brand. Started way back in 1974, Specialized is a brand made for riders, by riders. Most importantly, the only distributor in India for Specialized is in Bangalore. Trust us, they have some really great stuff for men, women and kids.


Currently owned by Advanced Sports International, Fuji Bikes is a well-known brand of bicycles and cycling equipment. Most importantly, the brand was established in 1899 in Japan. And ever since then Fuji has been making road bikes, city bikes, MTB bikes, electric bikes, bicycle for kids and more.


best cycle brands

Those of you who are into technology and innovation and believe in not settling for anything below perfection, Cervelo is your brand. Besides, the company spent so much money into building the best that they almost went broke.

So why did the brand not sell and go big?

Well, the had no money left for marketing.

And today, they are the best when it comes to the best. As far our knowledge is concerned, the most basic Cervélo bike will cost you at least 2 lakhs.

P.S – This is one of the best bicycle brands in India and the world that happens to be our favourite


Giovanni Pinarello, founded Pinarello in 1952. It is an Italian bicycle brand that supplies handmade bicycles for the road, track and cyclo-cross. Besides, the brand is pretty renowned for its Dogma (Road)and Boldie (Time trial)bikes.


Colnago began its journey way back in 1954. These were the heroic years of cycling when Colnago travelled the world, learned and acquired a wealth of knowledge to become what it is today.

Moreover, Colnago has maintained strict quality in producing safe and comfortable bikes for decades.

Today, we know the brand and the rainbow jersey have one thing in common, winning!


Set up in 1988, Kona is all about freedom and empowerment of the bicycle. Moreover, brand is just a dedicated group of cyclists making bicycles for people who love bikes-no matter if that love is new or long established.

So, if you’re looking for a mountain, road or gravel bike, Kona is a good and reliable brand.

24. Schwinn:

Schwinn is another old bicycle brand that’s been around for over a century. Moreover, the brand believes in building bikes that allow people of all ages and abilities to experience the joy of riding a bike.


25: Cinelli:

Cino Cinelli, a former pro road cyclist and president of the Italian Cyclists’ association founded the brand, Cinelli in 1948. Cinelli was the 7th of 10 children and the son of a small landowner who became interested in bicycle technology after mechanical failures in races. Besides, these failures are what led him to manufacture his own bicycle brand.

26: Marin Bicycles:

In 1986, Marin bicycles was established in the Marin County. The brand specialised in making mountain bikers, however, they also offer several other variants such as road bikes, hybrids and more.

Besides, the brand believes that bikes make us better people: healthier, more relaxed, and happier. Most importantly, their mission is to get more people on the bike and ensure they have a good time.

27: Diamond Back:

best cycle brands in India

Born in Camarillo, CA in 1978, Diamondback designs and builds performance bicycles for all riders at every level. So if you love bicycles that are performance driven at every level, Diamondback is what you should be looking at.


28: Pure Cycles:

If you love steel frames, single speed, fixed geared bicycles, Pure Cycles will get your drooling. The bicycles brand started their journey in a dorm room. Furthermore, the idea was to build the perfect campus bike that was simple and affordable.


29: Santacruz:

Founded in 1993, Santa Cruz Bicycles is a manufacturer of high-end mountain bikes based in Santa Cruz, California. However, this was not the case earlier. Moreover, the brand started its journey in a space the size of a single car garage.

best cycle brands in India

Since then, the brand has tried to build bikes that allow riders to go further, faster, and higher, for longer.

30: GT Bike:

Established in 1972, GT is a renowned brand that was known for spearheading the prominence of BMX bicycles. Until date, the brand manufactures road, mountain, and BMX bicycles.


31. Bergamont:

Lastly, Bergamont is another well-known bicycle brand that thinks out of the box and do things differently. This bicycle brand makes some of the best bicycles for men, women and kids. In case if you didn’t know, Scott Sports SA has acquired the brand Bergamont way back in 2015.


Popular Italian brand that’s recently come to India is Bottecchia. The brand is into manufacturing bicycles that include road, mountain, BMX, folding and more. Besides, they also make some high-end frames that are produced and assembled in Italy.



It’s a very rare site for anyone to spot a Wilier. Another Italian brand founded in the early 1900 racing bicycles. 

34. Canyon:

Famous German Manufacture of racing bikes, mountain bikes and triathlon bikes is Canyon. The bikes designs, innovate and of course, the eye-catchy colours will leave you wanting to get your hands on one. 

At least for a test ride!

35. Boardman:

A well-established brand known to make great bicycles is Boardman. Founded by pro cyclist Chris Boardman, Sarah Mooney and Alan Ingarfield, Boardman is a British bicycle manufacturer. They have a massive collection of bicycles for every category an type of rider.

Go check it out!

Have a look at our list of the Best Hybrid Bicycles

36. Ceepo:

Named after one of the greatest ancient Samurai warriors, CEEPHO, Nobuyuki “Joe” Tanaka started CEEPO in Aichi, Japan in 2003.

As Joe used to be unsatisfied with the common road bikes which were used for racing by him in his first two years, he started to custom build bikes with the help of some Japanese Triathlon speciality stores.

37. Orbea:

Did you know Orbea is a bicycle manufacturer from Spain?

Orbea’s journey began way back in 1840 as a rifle and gun producer and began making bicycles in the 1930s. The brand designs and builds their own bicycles and is the largest bicycle manufactures in Spain.


38.BH Bikes:

This bicycle brand has been around for over a century. The brand believes that BH bikes go synonyms with cycling. Many children have given their first and hesitant turn of the pedals with a BH bicycle. And even legendary cyclists have been created on many of these bicycles. 



Designed in the USA and built in China and Taiwan, Jamis Bicycles is an American distributor of bicycles. The brand was acquired in 1990 by its parent company, G. Joannou Cycle Co.

The brand makes a variety of bikes right from mountain, road, street and more.


40.Kuota Bicycles: 

Founded in 2001, Kuota is an international bicycle brand that is owned by Kuota International Co. Ltd. Besides, the brand has distributions in Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, and many other countries. 



Basso Bikes is an Italian manufacturer some of the best road racing bicycles. The brand was founded in 1977 by Alcide Basso, brother of Marino Basso. And before registering the company, Alcide started making bicycles in his family’s garage in 1974.

That being said, Basso initially made frames of steel. They acquired the Pogliaghi brand name in the late 1980s. 


German bicycle manufacturer, CUBE produces several types of bicycles. However, cube is popularly known for their mountain bikes.

43. TIME:

French Bicycle Manufacturer that produces high end bicycles and cycling equipment is  Time Sport International. Moreover, the brand also manufacturers bicycle frames, cycling shoes, clipless bicycle pedals, cranksets, and gloves.

44. Look:

One of the best manufactures of track bicycles in the world, Look cycle is a brand that’s into road, track, mountain and triathlon bicycles. Besides, the brand is also the inventor and world leader in clipless pedals.

45: Argon:

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Argon 18 is a Canadian bicycle manufacturer tht was founded in 1989 by retired cyclist Gervais Rioux . Most importantly, the brand name is derived from the element Argon, which is number 18 on the periodic table of elements.

46: Fantom Bikes:

Fantom is another bicycle brand since 2010 and has been manufacturing using cutting-edge technology. Besides, the brand has their design centres in Florida, USA and Hongkong. On the other hand, their manufacturing units  are in Taiwan and PRC. Moreover, Fantom Bikes also provides products to almost 35 countries in the world.

47. Felt Bicycles:

Renowned American Bicycle Brand, Felt Racing is based in Irvine, California. And the brand produces road, mountain, track, cyclocross, electric bicycles, and cruiser bikes. However, all design is completed in the USA and the majority of production comes from Asia.


Now it’s your turn…

Which is your favourite bicycle brand from the above? OR rather which of the above best cycle brands in India do you own?

Either way, leave a comment below right now.

We will be around to answer your queries!

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