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Btwin Rockrider 340 vs Rockrider ST100- Which cycle is better?

Every now and then, we come across bicycles that are priced pretty close to one another. Even the features for that matter. A test ride is not enough when it comes to differentiating which one is better. In such situations, understanding the feature, customer reviews and speaking to experienced cyclist will be very helpful.

Similar challenges were faced by individuals who were looking to differentiate between the Btwin Rockrider 340 and Rockrider ST100.  To make your life at ease and help you choose the right cycle, we have listed the major differences below:-

Similar challenges were faced by individuals who were looking to differentiate between the Btwin Rockrider 340 and Rockrider ST100.  To make your life at ease and help you choose the right cycle, we have listed the major differences below.

But before we get into the details, do consider looking at our guide on how to buy a bicycle for adults.

Frame ST 100:

Made from 100% aluminium, the ST 100 bicycle frame (unisex) comes with a noticeable slope on the top tube that makes getting on an off the bike easier. The frame is light, comfortable, and very versatile that offers an upright position. Available in Small, Medium, Large and XL sizes. 

Rockrider 340 vs Rockrider ST100

Frame 340:

Reinforced 6061-T4T6 aluminium that combines durability and lightweight. “Sloped” unisex frame geometry is suitable for both men and women. In short, the material used is a standard alloy used to manufacture bicycles. We feel the ST 100 frame is much better as compared to the RR 340.Available in Small, Medium, Large and XL sizes as well.

rockrider 340 vs rockrider ST100


We feel the Rockrider ST 100 frame is far more versatile, durable and comfortable as compared to the RR 340.

Rims ST 100:

If you are looking for better rims, the Rockrider ST 100 comes with double walled rims. So what does a double walled rim mean?

Basically, the wheel is made using two layers of alloy. These wheels are far more durable than the 340 and will take the beating from the rough Indian roads. 

Rims 340:

The 340 comes with single-walled rims that are made with a single layer of alloy. Hence, they are not as durable as the double walled rims and are likely to bend. 

rockrider 340 vs rockrider ST100

(left to right) double walled rim and single-walled rim


There’s no doubt, the double-walled rims are far more durable and useful for Indian roads. With cities filled with potholes and bad roads, you don’t want to hit one and then go to a mechanic. Even in the long run, the Double walled rims are far more reliable. 

Tyres ST 100:

Another major significance is the Nylon tyres that are made by using nylon thread that bead around a bunch of steel wires. These nylon threads are what run from one bunch to other giving the shape to tyre, sidewall and tread portions are made of layers of nylon which is then covered with rubber.

Slow down without worrying about obstacles: small rocks, cracks, holes and bumps! The wheels of the ST100 are tolerant and robust, with 27.5-inch double-walled 28-spoke rims. 

Tyres 340: 

Tires are made up of rubber because rubber can withstand wear and tear, and the substance offers a high level of grip even when the roads are wet. Tires are made from synthetic rubber and not pure rubber from rubber trees. 


The nylon tyres excel when it comes to offering comfort, grip and performance on poor road conditions. There are less likely to get cut or take longer than rubber tyres to wear off. 

Fork 340:

The RR 340 comes with an 80 MM front suspension fork that’s good for beginner cyclists. Besides, it comes with an innovative fork adjustment system based on the rider’s weight and requires minimal maintenance. 

rockrider ST 100 or Rockrider 340rockrider 340 vs rockrider ST100

ST 100:

The Rockrider St 100 comes with a Suntour XC 80 mm suspension fork too. However, the fork is designed slightly uneven trails and helps you overcome your first obstacles with ease. It is also equipped with a ‘stiffens dial’ that lets you adjust as per your weight. 

rockrider 340 vs rockrider ST100


There’s not much difference between the two suspension forks. The ST 100 comes with a Suntour XC 80 mm suspension fork while the 340 comes with Innovative fork adjustment system based on rider’s weight. We would say, this would be a matter of personal choice.

ST 100 Wheels size: 27.5-inch wheels:

The 27.5-inch wheels are very common on MTB bikes these days. It is believed that the 27.5’’wheels are faster, stronger and more agile than the bigger wheels (29 ers) and also ride much more fluently than the smaller. The 27.5” wheels don’t bend as much as the big 29ers and handle a lot better in terms of manoeuvrability and durability.

RR 340 Wheel size: 26-inch wheels:

The 26-inch wheels have been a standard for mountain bikes for decades.  If you are riding on fast twitchy roads that require a rider to react quickly, these will be just fine. However, 26″ bikes are less forgiving when going over bumps, roots, rocks, potholes, etc. So probably not a pretty good idea if you are going off-roading. 


Considering both the bikes are ideal for beginners, we would prefer the 27.5-inch wheels as they offer everything a beginner would need to ride anywhere, anytime. 

Brakes RR 340:

The front and rear of the Rockrider 340 are equipped with decent V-brake with a helical spring for more powerful braking. However, the Brake levers are made from Aluminium and plastic that work fine.

Brakes ST 100:

Similar to the RR 340, the ST 100 to is equipped with V-brakes and Aluminium MTB brake levers that are pretty easy to operate and do not require a lot of force.

Winner: Honestly, both the brakes are of the same quality and do the job of stopping the bike really well. It’s a tie!

Handlebar and saddle:

Handlebar and saddle remain the same for both the Btwin Rockrider 340 and the ST 100 bikes.

ST 100 Shifters:

The ST 100 comes with better micro shift thumb shifters which are way better than the ordinary grip shifters. They are quite expensive! 

rockrider 340 vs rockrider ST100


RR 340 Shifters:

rockrider ST 100 or Rockrider 340

The Rockrider 340 comes with standard grip shifters that get the job done. They are usually seen on low-end bikes in India as they are affordable and do not expose any part preventing it from getting damaged. 


Well, this is more of a personal choice. There’s nothing wrong in having grip shifters or thumb shifter. The grip shifters are far more versatile and affordable as compared to the Thumb shifters.

But if you ask us which is better, we would like to go with the ST 100 Thumb shifters.

ST 100 Drive Train:

The bike equipped with a 3 x 7-speed chain wheels. Triple chainring steel chainset (22/32/42 teeth) and Microshift thumb shifters with speed indicator.

RR 340 Drive Train:

This bike too comes with a triple chainring steel chainset (22/32/42 teeth), with a plastic guard. Shimano TY21 7-speed rear derailleur. Shimano TZ30 or Microshift MS22 front derailleur. SRAM MRX21 grip shifters with speed indicators. Shimano TZ21 cassette with 7 cogs, 14-28 teeth.


Again when you look at the components, they are more or less the same entry-level groupset, but by different brands. It’s a tie here too!

Overall Winner: Rockrider 340 vsRrockrider ST100

The Rockrider 340 might be pretty affordable, however, the ST 100 is worth the extra features that include the Nylon Tyres, Thumb shifters, 27.5 inch double walled wheels. if you are still wondering whether the Rockrider ST 100 is better than the Rockrider 340, watch our review here on youtube

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Abhishek Tarfe is a Certified Bike Mechanic from Park Tool School. He enjoys teaching people how to cycle and loves going on multi-day tours. Besides, he loves dogs and coffee. Follow his madness on Instagram

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1 Comment

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