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Heni Sports Cycling Apparel Review

Cyclists are considered to be the happiest people in the world. They love cycling and most of all they love their sexy, sleek, lightweight bikes. That being said, cyclists also love their cycling gear. Colourful, expensive and aesthetically appealing, every cyclist happens to have at least a dozen cycling apparel. Wearing cycling apparel will not only make you look like a serious cyclist, but it will also provide comfort on the saddle.

While there are hundreds of brands in the market that make such apparel, recently, we got a chance to review cycling apparel by Heini Sports.

A bit about Heini:

Located in Italy, Heini is Eurpoe’s largest sport apparel manufacturing company, which uses state-of-the-art technology to create premium apparel.

Featuring an innovative technical fabric from one of Italy’s most prestigious fabric houses MITI, Heini’s cycling kit has something special to offer cyclists that guarantees to make cycling more enjoyable and comfortable.

Advantages of Heini Sports

Only high- end Italian and Swiss technical fabrics

– Short delivery times and on-time delivery
– Unsurpassed personal service
– 100% custom
– Italian design

So what did we like about their cycling apparel?



Material, fabric & wicking:

The jersey is made of man-made synthetic fabric that offers moisture wicking property. As you sweat litres while cycling, this cycling jersey will help wick sweat from your skin to the outer side of the fabric, where it will evaporate. This will leave you dry and won’t make you feel the chills when the temperature drops.



As this cycling jersey is relaxed fit, it is best for touring or leisure cycling. While the jersey is made from high-quality fabric, it offers more relaxed style that is far more comfortable on the bike.

Make sure you choose the right size that fits your body shape. If you have the opportunity, consider trying the jersey before you buy.

However, if you are seeking an aerodynamic or racing fit, get in touch with Heini, they will certainly fulfil your requirements.


Pockets and reflective link:

Features can make or break any cycling jersey, however, with this basic design, Heini has kept it very minimum. Just three pockets around the back for storing food, money and spare tube, and a thin strip of reflective material.


Bib shorts:

The bibs/shorts/knickers are breathable, quick-drying, sweat-wicking and lightweight to ensure a comfortable, dry and care-free ride on the bike.


Chamois Material and fabric:

Starting from the centre of the bibs, the chamois are made in Italy and have Italian open-cell polyurethane foam of single/multiple densities. In open cell the air flows freely between cells allowing the form to return to the original positions after being compressed. The chamois comes in light/medium/high/ultra-high density with and without carbon fibre.

With carbon fiber, the fabric is thermostatic and helps in regulating the body temperature in an optimal way, helping stimulate blood circulation.

We have used the cycling shorts for long as well as short distances and they are unbelievably comfortable and durable.

Whether the leg grippers of lycra itself, during hard efforts or longer periods in the saddle, there’s little or no undue movement in the fabric.

Fit and fabric:

Moving away from the pad, the fit offered by Heini’s bib shorts are really good. Heini provides two sizes .i.e. normal and racing fit, make sure to choose them wisely. The stretchy synthetic material (a blend of nylon and lycra) stick to the skin like a layer. After the trial, we learned that the shorts work really well in hot weather and are breathable.

Heini uses Italian fabrics from MITI, which is carefully selected. Many prototypes with various combinations of fabrics were experimented with before finding the perfect one. The fabric on the Bibs is a 190/210gsm matt black fabric with Lycra POWER.

Bib straps:

The Heini Bib shorts are held in place with twin straps that stretch over your shoulders on either side. They are stretchy and wide and don’t dig in, making toilet stops easier without having to bend over backwards.



The Heini bib shorts come with basic grippers (silicone tape) that prevent the movement of the shorts and keep them in place. They’re typically more comfortable with less skin irritation, and they don’t dig in either. Further by ensuring the grippers provide the necessary grip without constricting your legs on a long ride. It is called a “Silicone Nanotech Gripper“. Each Strip works together to give an even and non-tacky grip on the skin, while the lycra base ensures your skin still breathes and doesn’t overly constrict your thighs.

On the overall, the leg grippers are pretty decent and sit well against the skin preventing any movement of the shorts.


The top mesh of the bib shorts is also one of the finest from Italy. It is incredibly stretchy, lightweight and soft. These 3 properties increase the body area covered by the bib-straps, without causing overheating during warm days. The increased coverage by the mesh results in the bib shorts feeling almost like a 1-piece suit, rather than a pair of shorts held up by straps.


-Sensible, flexible fit
-Trademark Heini Sports quality at a more accessible price


We had nothing much to complain about.

If you have ever been to a house of a cyclist, you will know that touching their beautiful bikes or their cycling equipment will give you that death stare.  While they certainly might go on bragging about their bikes, components and the equipment they use, cycling is not complete without the right apparel.

So if you are looking to buy good cycling apparel, maybe you should consider Heini!

Edited by Nigel Buthello

Picture courtesy: Kyle J D Photography

Special thanks to Sakthi Arumugham

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Abhishek Tarfe is a Certified Bike Mechanic from Park Tool School. He enjoys teaching people how to cycle and loves going on multi-day tours. Besides, he loves dogs and coffee. Follow his madness on Instagram

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