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8 Reasons Why the Tour of Nilgiris Should Be on Every Cyclist Bucket List

“We believe every cyclist at some point of time should participate at the tour of Nilgiris.’

The bubble of Indian cycling is steadily growing. With more brands coming down and many organizers organizing races, things are slowly escalating. Major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and many others are making progress. When it comes to Indian cycling, Bangalore is on a breakaway. There are numerous reasons why the city only runs on the larger chainring and one of them is the Tour of Nilgiris.

Tour of Nilgiris

We believe every cyclist at some point of time should participate at the tour of Nilgiris. If covering hundreds of kilometers are to become a joke, if scenic view and meeting new people is your goal. The tour of Nilgiris does justice to everybody.

Take a look at the reason why the Tour of Nilgiris ‘Should Be on Every Cyclists Bucket List’.

Best tour in the whole of India

Indian cycling is progressing rapidly. People are covering a lot of distances and the nation is producing a lot of endurance athletes. They all have one thing in common- a crave for the scenic view and a challenge their mind and body. When you arrive at the tour of Nilgiris, you are guaranteed to get the best view scattered across 900+km. Whether it is Bangalore to Mysore or Ooty, you will definitely have a good time. Make sure you have your cameras ready and fully charged.


Good break from the daily hassle

Most of us have a common schedule in place. Wake up. Breakfast. Traffic. Office. Frustration. Work. Traffic. Home. Dinner.Bed. Sometimes, you tend to squeeze in a workout, have a random outing with friends and go for an annual leave with your family. That’s about it. By signing up for the tour of Nilgiris, you can break away from the monotony in life.


Bicycle friendly

The tour of Nilgiris passes through three states namely, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The terrain, the gradients, and the weather might change, but one thing is common – the welcoming and friendliness of the villagers. You will find kids and villagers and volunteer’s smiling wherever you go. And if they are not smiling, you have definitely caught them in surprise. This is enough of a boost to get you through the grueling 900+kms with just one rest day.


Stunning weather

The southern peninsula is a paradise for the avid cyclist. With the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea by the side, you are certain to enjoy the true flavor of India. The summers down south are pretty tolerable as compared to any other major city in India. As the tour of Nilgiris kicks just a week and a half before Christmas, you are sure to soak in the pleasantly cool weather at all times. Cyclist here experience cool winters and tolerable summers. Even the monsoons feel like a shower of blessing. Mist too is expected, so do not forget to carry your warm wear. When scenic view and pleasant weather, the combination is likey to make the happy hormone dance.

Good food and the best coffee

At the Tour of Nilgiris, riding an average of 120 km per day for 7 days is no joke. Cyclists constantly require feeding their hungry bellies with good protein and carb rich diet.  When you are at the tour, there is no need to worry. While you are in the hotel, food is available in variety and abundance. When you are biking, the volunteers on the bike and at the numerous support stations are sure to keep you satisfied. Besides, there are endless hotels that serve some of the finest fish, rasam, rice and a variety of dishes to keep you fueled throughout your ride.

While the food and other needs are well-taken care by the organizers long hours on the saddle can still be tiring. You can revitalize your senses by having some of the finest Mylapore filter coffee, or Madras “kaapi” or the well-known filter coffee.

Meet like-minded people

The Tour of Nilgiris organizers receives half a thousand entries from different pockets of India and abroad. As a result, cyclists are certain to meet people with different cycling backgrounds. You not only become good friends but also learn a lot about the bicycles, accessories, lycra, free tips and more. There will always be some topics to talk about running at the back of your mind.


Scenic view

The Tour of Nilgiris is designed to fit every kind of cyclist. As far as you can push a hundred kilometers on an average, you are certain to absorb the stunning views. From the first ray of light until sun down, you absorb a variety of greenery. The cool blue sky, the tarmac takes you across inclines and declines as you pass through the endless tea plantations. You also come across sugarcane farms, coconut baugs, corn fields and a lot more.

The village safari is another interesting aspect the tour has to offer the cyclist. If that wasn’t enough for you, wait until the tour passes through the Valparai and Mudumalai sanctuary. Riding through the greens as the sky opens up offering a clearer view of the peaks and the waterfalls flowing below. Do keep your eyes open as wildlife can also be spotted very easily. With the Tour of Nilgiris, you can get to see wildlife, you can catch a glimpse of elephants, tigers and more.


Live in some of the finest hotels in south

After a long day on the saddle, rest is mandatory at the tour of Nilgiris. After feeding yourself with some mouthwatering food, the TFN organizers see to it that, you get the best and cozy beds to crash. They have 5 recces annually, where they roam around to get the best route and the best hotels for a cyclist to stay without any issues.

All the above reasons, add up to a stunning experience of the Tour of Nilgiris. Without any hesitation, we can say that it is a festival for every cyclist and should be on their bucket list of activities.

Tour of Nilgiris: 16-23 December 2015.

Editor: Arthi Basak

Picture courtesy: Ray Photography, Breakaway media, Deepu’s Photography


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Abhishek Tarfe is a Certified Bike Mechanic from Park Tool School. He enjoys teaching people how to cycle and loves going on multi-day tours. Besides, he loves dogs and coffee. Follow his madness on Instagram

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