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Lightspeed Fury 518 Review & Price In India

Lightspeed Fury 518 Review

Over the past few years, fat biking has slowly gained popularity among many. Kids, adults and even a few cyclists for that matter enjoy riding the wide tires. They not only attract the attention but surely stand out among the MTBs, Hybrids and the sleek roadies. While they can be ridden on the worst kind of terrains, you are likely to be dropped by others. 

Recently, we got our hands on one such electric fat bike that will surely keep you with the pack. Let us help you get to know the light speed fury 518 electric fat bike. 

Aluminium Allow Frame:-

The Lightspeed fury 518 comes with an aluminum alloy frame that’s stronger than it looks. Painted in orange and black, the bike surely stands out and will surely capture attention. 

Wheels and Tyres:

The bicycle comes with traditional 26-inch tires that are 4 inches wide. They are really knobby offering a good grip on sand, loose gravel or any other surface. 


Equipped with Speed Shimano Gears, this fat bike offers more variety of gear options to choose from. Those looking for an exhaustive workout can shift the gears to a higher level and burn calories as desired. Besides, the super fat 4 inch tires make it even more exciting. 


Convenient, Practical Commute with Superior 5 Level Pedal Boost: 

If you prefer going electric, there are 5 levels of pedal assistance that you can choose from. If you are looking for minimal effort while cycling, choose mode 4 and 5. Level three lets your share the effort of pedaling with the motor whereas level 1 and 2 you put in more effort while the motor assists you just a little bit.


Just like the fat bike, the Lightspeed fury 518 comes with a rechargeable lithium-Ion battery that has a life cycle of 800 to 1000 charges. The 13 Ah battery on a full charge will last you for around 45 km of cycling. It can be easily installed and removed from the battery cable for charging.

Powerful Rear Hub Motor: 

Fitted on the rear wheel of the bicycle tire, the 250w 36v Brushless D.C. Hub Motor with a 45 Nm Torque gives the rider a feel of being pushed forward as he pedals along. This motor location ensures that you do not feel any sort of drag as you cycle. On this bike, you can reach a max speed of 25km/hr without breaking a sweat!

Responsive, Secure e-Brakes for Emergency Electronic Cut-off: 

Disc brakes:

Lightspeed Fury 518

No matter where you ride, there is always a need for good bicycle brakes. The Fury 518 comes with e- brakes. Basically, when you apply the brakes all electronic supply is instantaneously cut-off completely offering you better control and more confidence. However, we feel the brakes don’t do complete justice as the overall weight of the bicycle is way too much.


If you are going cycling after long, a good bicycle seat is vital. It not only makes cycling easy but also ensures you don’t feel sore post-ride and the wide 140mm saddle does exactly that. It supports your sit bones completely and ensures you are comfortable no matter how long the ride. 

Front suspension:

The fury 518 comes with a front suspension that further makes the ride smooth and comfortable. It offers better control while cycling fast on a downhill or even while cornering. 

What did we like?

  • The strong frame
  • The fat knobby tires
  • The 5 pedal assist mode
  • The comfortable seat

What we didn’t like?

  • The bike is just too heavy
  • The disc brakes could be better
  • Too expensive

To sum it up, the fury 518 is a decent fat bike that will turn eyes as you ride by.

If you want to see the unboxing of the lightspeed fury 518, you can watch it on our channel by clicking here.


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Abhishek Tarfe is a Certified Bike Mechanic from Park Tool School. He enjoys teaching people how to cycle and loves going on multi-day tours. Besides, he loves dogs and coffee. Follow his madness on Instagram

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