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#IAmVeloCrush Cycling Community: Of The Cyclists, By The Cyclists, For The Cyclists

Let’s rewind to a couple of years ago. Back then, cycling wasn’t the answer to health and happiness in India. It wasn’t even an option back then.  However, the scenario of cycling in India today is different. India slowly is pedaling its way to a cycling culture.

Indians have now become conscious of their health and lifestyle. The wheels of change have been so rapid in the last two years! While there are some who choose to hit the gym, there are many out there who love cruising on their bikes.

At the moment, VeloCrush India is 5 years old and caters to all the needs and fancies of avid Indian cyclists. While we advise on cycling routes, tips on nutrition, recovery, and interviews with famous national and international cyclists, over the last two years we came across cyclists who have such beautiful transformation life stories and experiences to share.  As a website that has catalyzed in bringing this change on wheels, we decided to give a platform for our cyclists to share their experiences/stories and inspire the many.

Because what is VeloCrush India without our cyclists?

This is why I Am VeloCrush our Facebook community was born!

We started off with a small group of our cycling buddies and today, we have so many new cyclist members from all across India.

Read on to find out how every cyclist fell in love with cycling.

1. Aditya Arun
“Hello grease- heads, I’m from Bangalore and I am currently studying for my masters. I have owned bicycles since I was a little kid but I truly fell in love with riding when my friend gave me his 1940′ s Phillips bicycle to use when I was in South Africa. Since then, I have been looking to build my own bicycle and have gotten into fixies. Unfortunately, fixie riding is not for Indian traffic and roads so at present I make do with a firefox flip-flop in freewheel mode. I am hoping to one day build my perfect fixie from scratch. ”

2. Fauza Pandher
“I am 53 years and I am from Valsad Gujrat. I worked as a superintendent of central excise in Vapi Surat and Daman area. I used to cycle when I was 21 years of age and now I’m trying to do the same now for my fitness and leisure. I am searching for a good bicycle now.”

3. Anshul Sharma
“I am from Ghaziabad Delhi NCR. I started cycling again after 15years in 2017 and in a year it became my love as well as a habit. Now along with my friends, I run a Cycle Club named INDIA CYCLE CLUB®. There are more than 150 active members in our club. I usually go to my office on my Montra4.1 which is 33km one side from my home and also used that for small household works. At weekends, we organize a ride for the club and have fun.”

4.Meher Gadekar
“I work as the Director of Social Audit with the Chhattisgarh Govt. I’m based in Raipur and I started cycling (serious!) only a year ago. I’ve done BRM 200 & BRM 300 and am now looking forward to cycle longer distances. I cycle for pleasure.”

5. Cyclist Vishwa
“I’m Vishwa from Mandya, Karnataka. I’m a cyclist from my childhood and I love long ride around km. I use to ride my bicycle nearly 100 km per day.”

6. Kirankumar Shaw
“I am Kirankumar Shaw, my age is 19.  Currently, I am studying and my favorite thing about cycling is that it gives opportunities to make new friends, go to new places and stay healthy, it’s my hobby.”

7. Aashay Sankpal
I was a competitive cyclist in 90s and had lost touch with it for a while. I was a track state champion. Cycling has moved very fast since where I left it. I am back to do some catching up. do some races and something for Cycling community.”

8. Aastad Palkhiwalla
“Cycling was in my blood. Both my parents were National Champions.  My grand uncle was a national champion and represented India at the 1948 Olympics in London.
So cycling is in my DNA.
My sisters and I are also National winners and I am the current National Masters Champion in the Road Race and TT.”

9.  Upendra Deshpande
Efficiency and reliable source of a commute since school days…now it’s a passion and profession.”

10. Prvn Stym
“Cycle was my favorite machine since childhood, but I took it seriously because of the hike in petrol prices.
And I use cycling as my recovering sport after running.”

11. Tamal Chatterjee
“I am Tamal (21) from Kolkata. A member of AZZMAX Racing Team. I was doing endurance in the last year. Currently focusing on nationals and road races.”

12. Pavan Sharma
I am Pavan Sharma from Washim, Maharashtra. My dream is to evolve cycling culture in west Vidharbha.”

13.  Amarpal Kohli
“I am Amarpal Singh Kohli from Ichalkaranji Near Kolhapur. I am Football player, FIE Award Winner in Bike Racing, a Cyclist, Marathon Runner and Half Iron Triathlon Finisher. Just preparing for 140.6 Ironman in Malaysia. Bike Riding is my Passion.”

14. Sannidhya Amrit
“I’m Sannidhya from Lucknow. I’m 19. I ride a road bike, mainly for leisure and fitness. I’m a medical student. I also look forward to competing in some pro event in the future.”

15. Vikas Shah
“I am Vikas Shah from Vadodara. I am a member of “The Cycling Club of Baroda” (TCCB). I am passionate about Randonneuring as of now. I have completed 2 SR Rides and aiming for 3rd in the current year. I am into Hotel Business and also a Member of Rotary Club and Junior Chambers International.”

16. Rohit Rajagopalan
“I am Rohit from Delhi, associated with the Delhi Randonneurs. I started cycling a couple of months ago. Aiming for the SR title this season. Just have my 600km ride remaining, which is on the 1st of September. Will hopefully be able to bag the title this season itself.
Also enrolled for G2G 2018.
Cycling is addictive.”

17.  Pritam Reddy
“l am Pritam Reddy live in Surat Gujarat I am a veteran cyclist my original game was boxing I played 10 Nationals had secured a bronze medal at all India university 1998 Patiala.”

18. Ajayjeet Sharma
“This is Ajayjeet from Pune. I started running from 2017 and ran my first FM at TMM-18. Took to cycling as a cross-training. With Tour De Cgh done last week, I will pick up Cycling as a parallel sport to running now!!”

19. Sunil Kumar Sahu
“This is Sunil Kumar Sahu, presently working in Indian Air Force at Bangalore. I am into MTB cycling… Looking forward to going more professional in cycling in near future.”

20.Pulkit Tiwari
“I am Mtech From IIT Delhi, a software developer by profession.
I love to travel, a different part of everywhere, so I love Slow travel … When I realized that slow travel is the most amazing thing then as Commuter nothing is better than a ‘bicycle’ where you pull your all efforts and reach to a place and enjoy the beauty of that place.”

21. Narendra Chaarag
“I’m a 50 yr young, hardcore outdoor enthusiast. Cycle regularly… about 600 – 800 km a month. Love to travel by all modes and have done about 20 states of this lovely country. I never have and do not intend traveling abroad for tourism because of the conviction that there’s so much here itself. Have relocated to Ahmedabad two weeks ago and look forward to joining some active cyclists.”

22. Harshwardhan Shetty
I’m a 34 yrs young guy from Mumbai. I love cycling as it’s the fastest way to commute in a traffic mad city and it’s my contribution in reducing my carbon footprint.”

23. Anish Kulkarni
I’m from Nashik and I’m a student studying in 10th std. I want to tell something very interesting about my hobby. I love touring on the bicycle. I think it is the best hobby.
Because travelling needs bigger expenditures. And everybody loved travelling who doesn’t so… I’m proud of my hobby.”

24. Joel Dsouza
“I am 35 years young from Mumbai own two bikes, by profession a Process Trainer in a KPO. Why do I like cycling? Well since my childhood I struck out from most other kids from my neighborhood. Those days most kids were either into Cricket, Football ., etc. but my insight for those sports was totally different, Cricket = 1 person throws a ball, the batsman hits it and the rest run to catch it. Football = All running behind 1 ball, it was too much hard work for me.
Cycling was different, it took me away from the playground to wherever I wanted to go, it was about Freedom! From the moment I rode my first bike, it’s been, my first love. Now, long gone are the days when I was able to ride long distances without having the thought of any responsibilities which lied ahead of me. Since the past 10 years due to my professional work schedule (night shifts) I am now more of a pleasure rider and have been more interested in bike customizing and more into off-road riding, the streets are no more safe and far too crowded; however, whenever I get an opportunity to get on my bike and go on a short leisure ride no matter even if it’s just to grab some snacks from the local shops.”

25.Harshil Vanjara
“I am 21 from Valsad, Gujarat. A CA Student, Bachelor in Commerce, Investment Portfolio Management & Financial Modelling Professional. Cycling was way for the commute as a kid, Gradually I started to love adventure sport as I loved pristine nature with treks and hikes.
Now I am growing into a serious sporting in Ultra Cycling. I own 3 bikes because I want to enjoy all arenas. I started Avventure Bikes with like-minded cyclists together to cater needs at my place. Which keeps me connected with my passion. Building better community & upscaling standards towards sport.
I am always searching for opportunities for some breakthrough startups. I love keeping things fresh and enjoyable in life.”

26. Daniel David
“This is Daniel David from Mazgoan, Mumbai. I am a tour guide for Mumbai doing cycling every morning one hour and Sundays doing like a trip to Nariman Point and nearby areas.”

27.  Akshat Agrawal
“I am a 16 years old cyclist from Raipur. I have been cycling for 2 and a half years and I just love cycling. It really gets me excited and energetic. Now there is 11th ahead me and I am a PCM student so I’m trying to balance both but will never stop cycling.”

28. Sachin Ketkar
“I am Dr. Sachin Ketkar, 48 yrs old Consulting Psychiatrist from Ichalkaranji Maharashtra. I am in cycling for last 3 yrs. I ride 25 km every alternate day. My aim is to complete 100 km. First and if possible try for 200. My highest distance had been 60km. Cycling gives me immense joy.”

30. Fredy Ilaviya
I’m Fredy from New Mumbai. I’m a govt servant by profession and a die-hard cyclist. I’ve been in love with this sport for 25 years now. So much so, that even at the age of 15, I could dismantle my bike (BSA Mach-I, then, service and lubricate it and assemble it back perfectly!
Today I ride a Scott Aspect 980 (Mountain bike) clocking kilometres. I’ve done my century rides too. Will participate in my first Brevet this winter.
Keep pedalling. Stay fit. Enjoy your rides.”

31. Bhawin Gala
I am Bhawin 33, from Mumbai. I loved cycling since childhood. I started cycling on daily basis to come out of depression and to reduce mental stress. I became an SR last year.”

32. Arshel Akhter
“I am from Guwahati in Assam. I restarted cycling a couple of years ago and it has become my passion now. Cheers and spread the love.”

33. Ajinkya Karande
“Childhood dream! And it’s my passion! I love cycling and the tech.”

34. Sitesh Mishra
“For me, cycling is Passion, Profession, and Addiction. And cycling mere nas nas me hai.”

35. Dibyajyoti Borah
“I am from Assam. For me, cycling is love.”

36. Faraz Khan
“I am Faraz Khan from Lucknow. I am a pro cyclist. And now I am focusing on the nationals and other upcoming events.”

Cycling surely has the power to transform not just the body but also, transform everyone’s lives and make it a happier one.

If you are reading this and still aren’t a part of our family, join now!



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Abhishek Tarfe is a Certified Bike Mechanic from Park Tool School. He enjoys teaching people how to cycle and loves going on multi-day tours. Besides, he loves dogs and coffee. Follow his madness on Instagram

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