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Decathlon Cycle for Kids, Adults and Ladies

Decathlon has changed the way we look at sports in India. With affordable and durable equipment, there is no way one can hesitate when it comes to buying. This even applies to decathlon cycles for kids, adults and ladies. With the wide variety of brands available in the market, it might be overwhelming to buy the right cycle. 

Decathlon cycles are pretty affordable as they suit every budget and offer one of the best after-sale services. And if you are looking for the best decathlon cycle, here’s a list that can help you narrow down your search to the best bike as per your budget. 

Decathlon cycle for kids:- Things to keep in mind

If you are getting the very first cycle for your little one, it’s best to get one with stabilizers. Let them master the skill of balancing, braking and turning before you decide to get the side wheels off. But once they are off and they have outgrown their first cycle, it’s time to get them their second bike.  

While buying one, considering opting for a bicycle that allows your little one to touch the ground using only their tippy-toes while seated rather than their full soles. This permits them to extend their leg fully as they pedal. 

The range of decathlon cycle for kids start right from 3 years of age and goes all the way up to 12 years of age. The decathlon cycle for kids come in a variety of colours and features that give kids enough opportunity to choose from. Moreover, decathlon also offers kids bicycles with gears and numerous accessories.


There are plenty of kids bikes available in the market. While buying a bike consider the purpose. You want your kid to cycle independently? You want them to ride with their friends in the society? If so, then consider buying a basic bicycle in colour, style and shape that your kid likes.


Ensure the seat is comfortable for your kids. As they are likely to spend a good amount of time, a wider seat is probably far more comfortable as they have more cushion than a longer one. Ensure to make your child sit on the bike and ask their preference before buying.


As your kid will probably be riding around the building premises, park or on the walkway, a single-speed bicycle with V-brakes should be good enough. 

Remember this for an uncomplicated shopping process!

Now let’s have a look at some of the best decathlon cycle for kids:-

Decathlon cycle for kids 4 – 6 YEARS DARKHERO 500

decathlon cycle for kids

When it comes to kids, it’s important to have a bicycle that’s easy to ride and ensures they are safe. The darkhero 500 comes with 16-inch wheels. This makes it suitable for kids between 4-6 years of age to ride with ease. Besides, it has a chain guard that protects your kids from getting hurt and brakes that are suitable for smaller hands. The major advantage of this bicycle is the step-through frame that makes it easy to get on and off.

Side wheels/ stabilisers can be installed with ease. 

Decathlon cycle price: INR 5,499

Decathlon cycle for kids 4 – 6 YEARS ROBOT

Another best decathlon cycle for kids aged between 4-6 years of age is the robot. This bike too comes with a chain guard that covers the entire drive train parts. This drastically reduces the risk of pinching small finger, getting clothes dirty or catching of shoelace. 

decathlon kids cycle

Side wheels/ stabilisers can be installed with ease. 

Decathlon cycle price: INR 4,999

Decathlon KIDS CYCLE 6-8 YEARS ORIGINAL 100 20 Turquoise


decathlon cycle

Girls with a height of 3 feet 11 inches to 4 feet 5 inches can consider opting for this sturdy single speed bike with 20-inch wheels. The bike comes with a single-speed drive train that makes it easy to pedal and a pair of powerful V-brake that’s easy to brake.

Decathlon Kids cycle 6 To 8 ST 100 20 White MTB

If your kid likes riding hard outdoors on rugged terrain and is aged between 6-8 years old, get the ST 100. The bike is very simple and comes with 20” bike tyres. It also comes with a single-speed chain that’s easy to pedal and powerful V-brakes that make off-road cycling fun.

decathlon kids cycle

Decathlon Cycle Price- INR 6,999




decathlon cycle for kids

Looking for a decathlon kids cycle for your 6-12-year-old, the rock rider 100 is a good buy. Similar to other decathlon cycles, the rock rider 100 is a simple bike that comes with the single-speed drive train, single-walled rims and 24-inch rubber tyres that make cycling outdoor fun. 

This bicycle can be used by even those who have a height below 5 feet.

Decathlon Cycle Price- 5,999/-

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BTWIN Riverside 100 Vs Riverside 120

Decathlon Cycle for Adults

Health is such an integral part of our lives these days. And if you are one of those looking to get healthy and prefer carrying your gym around, decathlon has bicycles for adults as well. These bicycles can be used for commute, fitness, long distance, touring and more. You can choose from the simplest bicycle to some of the best decathlon cycles that money can buy. Trust us, it’s the closest you can get to buying happiness.

Let’s have a look at some of the best decathlon cycles for adults ones-

Btwin My bike INR 4,999:

In the adult cycle category, the Btwin my bike is the most affordable and a simple bicycle that you can consider buying. The bike comes with a comfortable saddle, single-speed drive train and 26-inch wheels that get the job done of commute or fitness.

It doesn’t get cheaper than the Btwin My bike. 

decathlon care

Decathlon cycle Price – INR 4,999


Btwin Riverside 50 INR 6,999:

decathlon cycle

The Btwin Riverside is a hybrid series of unisex bicycles that are suitable for city riding, commute and fitness. The range starts from the most basic model, riverside 50 and progresses to riverside 100, 120, 500 and riverside 900 respectively. We will discuss the specifications and features below-

If you are on a lower budget and are not looking to spend a lot, the Riverside 50 is what you should look at. Unisex frame, 700 C wheels and V-brakes make it a bicycle that suits everyone. Mind you, the seat might take some time to get used to. 

Note: As the decathlon Riverside series comes with a low top tube, it can be comfortably ridden by women as well.

Moreover, these bikes are available in different frame sizes as well.

Decathlon Cycle Price- 6,999

Btwin riverside 100 – 


A level above the 50 is the Btwin riverside 100. As an upgrade, the bike comes with 6-speed gears that can be controlled with the help of Revo shifter. This makes the cycle commute, and long weekend rides much more comfortable and easier. 

Decathlon cycle Price- INR 8,999

Btwin Riverside 120-

Another basic entry-level bike but far much better than the riverside 50 and 100 is the Btwin Riverside 120. 

This decathlon bicycle for adults is far more versatile and comfortable. The nylon tyres, 8 gears and microshift trigger shifters take the ride experience to a whole new level.

Decathlon cycle Price- INR 9,999

Btwin Tilt 120 folding cycle – INR 14,999

decathlon cycle

Are you looking for a cycle that can be carried around with ease? Or are you looking for a bicycle that can be ridden by the entire family whenever they wish? The bike can be easily assembled and can be folded back and stored if not required. 

You can take it to work, go on a weekend ride or just cruise around town on a Sunday morning. There is no harm in taking the bike for a long ride as well. The 20-inch wheels and the 6 speed Shimano rear cassette make it far easier to ride wherever you wish. 

Decathlon Cycle Price- INR 14,999

Btwin ST 100- INR 16,999

A sturdy entry-level MTB is what you need if you are looking to pop over walkways, small rocks, and rugged trails. Equipped with an aluminium frame (Comfort Geometry Frame) and 27.5-inch tyres that offers an optimal comfort and excellent manoeuvrability. 

This decathlon bicycle for adults also comes with 3×7 speed chain wheels and Microshift thumb shifters with speed indicator that make long rides far more fun. 

Decathlon Cycle Price- INR 16,999

Btwin Triban 100- INR 19,999

decathlon cycle

If you love speed and are good at bike handling skills, you can consider getting yourself a road bike. While road bikes sure are expensive, decathlon has come up with an entry-level road bike too especially for beginners. 

The Btwin Triban 100 comes with an Aluminium frame, 7-speed gears, double-walled rims that let you ride with confidence on the road.

Decathlon cycle Price- INR 19,999

Btwin Rockrider 540- 


decathlon cycle

Designed for mounting bike and trails, the Btwin rock rider 540 is surely one of our personal favourites. The 27.5 tyres with double-wall wheels, hydraulic disc brakes and 18-speed chainring together work like a charm. 

No matter your style of riding or where ever you wish to ride, this decathlon cycle for adults will give you no room to complain. 

Decathlon Cycle Price- INR 34,999

We hope this list of the best decathlon cycle help you narrow down your search to reduce the confusion while buying at the store.

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