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Things Every Cyclist Should Have in Their Saddle Bag

Nobody likes carrying a lot of weight when it comes to cycling. A lot of weight on the bike will slow you down and make your hot bike look a little shabby. And at times, it will also make you look like an amateur. But when it comes to hitting the open roads, a few essentials are a must and a saddle bag is a mandate. With the right essentials in your saddle bag you are always prepared.

Here’s a list of things everyone should have when it comes to:

A spare tube:

Carrying a spare tube in your saddle bag is a must for every cyclist. Whether you ride for long or short rides, a puncture can hit anyone and carrying a tube will solve half the problem. Also, invest in a bicycle pump that can be mounted on your bike near the bottle cage.

A puncture kit:-

It’s not every time that you will need to change the inner tube of your tyre. A puncture can be fixed with the use of a puncture kit. A good puncture kit comes with 1 tube of glue, 1 piece of sandpaper, 4 round patches and 2 rectangular patches. If you don’t have one, go buy it and don’t forget to learn to use it.

Tyre levers:-

To remove the inner tube, you will need to get the tyre off first and to do so, tyre levers are a must. Just make sure you go easy while demounting the tyre of the rim. At times, you are likely to poke the inner tube that could lead to a puncture.

Allen key:-

A nut gone lose? Are your gears taking a while to shift? No worries! An Allen key can help you tighten the lose bolts and even tweak the gear settings. Just make sure to have one. In the right hands an Allen key can do a lot more than that.

ID card:

Wherever you go, there are chances of you meeting with an accident. If you are used to cycling early in the morning or late at night, you will know. Having an id card along with your blood group and contact details is mandatory. It will save your life when the time comes without you even knowing!


Money cannot buy happiness but there are a few things that only money can solve. In times of hunger, or a fall that does not let you to ride home. Money can be handy. We suggest, you to keep a small amount in your saddle bag, it could be helpful in more than ways you can think of.

First aid kit:

By now your saddle bag must be full, but if you still do have some space to spare, do have small gauze, cotton and an antiseptic liquid, always.

Don’t forget to take along your mobile phone and something to eat on the way.

With all the above essentials in your saddle bag, we are sure you can ride with much more confidence than ever.

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Abhishek Tarfe is a Certified Bike Mechanic from Park Tool School. He enjoys teaching people how to cycle and loves going on multi-day tours. Besides, he loves dogs and coffee. Follow his madness on Instagram

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