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Mahajan Brothers Nashik – Behind the RAAM Victory

Each one of you out there has a purpose to live, a dream to complete that can get you a name and fame with a fat paycheck. But not everyone has a fool proof plan to achieve glory. Numerous fail while the others give up half way. Besides, there are a few who sacrifice and erode a path battling all obstacles one at a time. The Mahajan Brothers Nashik are one of those that have done enough to amaze the whole of India and those with similar interest. Read on to find out more.

After three failed attempts in the “solo category” at RAAM, the Mahajan Brothers Nashik finally managed to break the curse and wave the Tricolor “in 2 person team“. This year the grueling transcontinental race did not even spare the god (Christoph Strasser current record holder for fastest RAAM finisher and the goddess, Seana Hogan – 6-time champion).

There was definitely something special about this duo that stood out and claimed to be the first to complete RAAM in the two person relay category. Out of total 6 entries in two-person category, three teams gave up in the first 500 miles due to hot conditions and climbs in Arizona desert. The brothers took their turns and battled the mountains, sped down the glass elevator and also battled the rain, accident, heat and a whole lot more.

Mahajan Brothers Nashik

The officials of the race were surprised to see that the two brothers crossed the finish line with the perfect sync and with a day in hand to spare. Imagine the strenuous training hours that they put behind the bars to perfect their skills. Even after a month, the duos in spite of recovering entirely are finding it hard to get back on the saddle. Not that they have not recovered, but they have been dealing with the perks of being the first Indians to finish RAAM, as well as being winners in Under 50 years age category. Since the time they got back home, they have been attending felicitation ceremonies and other events that have been organized by a number of societies, associations, and other organizations.  The Mahajan Brothers Nashik have received bouquets of flowers that have added beauty to their homes and even after 25 days they are still coming in.

Last week our own founder Abhishek Tarfe decided to make a trip to Nashik where he was pampered with amazing food, a warm bed and lots of cycling stories by  the Mahajan Brothers from Nashik. He spent a good two days with the younger warrior Mahendra to get you more insights and other details that are sure to leave you speechless. During training, managing a job as a dentist and finding time for their own family wasn’t enough. The duo also had to dedicate time to train and get good amount of sleep for the subsequent day. They would eagerly wait for Monday’s (rest day) so they could curl up in their bed and relax their behinds. Their wives used to cook a specific diet that would fuel them before, during and after the training ride.

Do not make the mistake of comparing RAAM and Le Tour de France as they are completely different even though both are amazing feats. The RAAM is a tribute to human endurance, whereas as the latter demands high speed and intensity. When it comes to Le Tour, the participants are professionals with a lot of support, lots of glory, publicity, and a paycheck. Just like all the others participating in RAAM the brothers did it off their own backs, a self-financed trip to and fro whilst working full time at everything else. Yes! The entire trip was financed by the crew members/team so they could save money and raise it for Charity – the Kalpataru Foundation. Also, they did not have an RV as they lacked the expertise to handle one. As a result, the crew had to wait for their turns and rely on the motels on the way.

We were not surprised to know from their wives that, they would always find a tube or a bicycle tire lying around the house. The RAAM fever was so high that their Rangoli during Diwali was a bicycle. Besides, during the Ganpati festival, they also had to seat the lord on a bicycle. If this is not enough, their own daughter who’s 5 years old was asked to write an essay on her father by her school teacher. The third line of her essay stated, “My father is going to Race across America this year”. There are so many insights and things regarding their training and nutrition that not many know and just like you, we were hungry too. Stay tuned to know every detail about the brothers that what they had to overcome before and during the race.

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Editor – Arthi Basak

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Abhishek Tarfe is a Certified Bike Mechanic from Park Tool School. He enjoys teaching people how to cycle and loves going on multi-day tours. Besides, he loves dogs and coffee. Follow his madness on Instagram

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