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Bike Safety: Importance of Wearing a Helmet

In a country like India, with cycling gaining recognition, things are slowly but surely changing. From no respect to some respect… from one cyclist to many, the community is growing steadily. However, one of the most distinguishing accessories that set a veteran apart from the amateurs is his helmet. Well, that’s simply because a seasoned cyclist knows and acknowledges the importance of a helmet and the safety it provides.

Importance of wearing a helmet:

A helmet acts as a shock absorber. It reduces the impact of a blow and prevents an accident from turning fatal by minimizing injury. Helmets are designed to be thicker on the sides as compared to the front. That’s because one is more likely to get hit on the sides and develop a concussion.

Helmets are constructed out of three main parts: the shell, liner, and interior. The shell is usually a hard plastic, designed to skid, prevent neck injuries, and deflect penetrating objects. The liner is the hard foam part of the helmet that compresses and takes most of the force in an impact. The interior is the soft padding that is designed to provide comfort and fit.But if safety is what you want, not any helmet will do. It is important to invest in a good helmet.

Bikeshark owner and cycling enthusiast Arun Raj said, “One should avoid Chinese products when it comes to helmets. Buy a helmet that is made by a reputed brand and does not compromise on the size of the helmet at any cost. Look for a comfortable and lightweight helmet, equipped with adjustable straps and removable pads that can be washed and provide good ventilation. Such helmets will cost around two thousand Rupee’s.”

Replace your helmet every two years as the shelf life reduces. It’s like medicines replace when expired. If you doubt its ability after an accident, or any other case without a doubt replace it.

Experienced Cyclist Sunil Gandhi shares his views on the helmet, “I wear a helmet because the other commuters respect me. I have not yet got into a situation where I could compare and evaluate which brand is the best. I use a helmet made by a reputed brand as I’m habituated to it and get nervous if I ride without it.”

Listed below are some types of helmets: Types of helmets:


These helmets can be used for recreation sports, commuting and mountain biking. Popular among sportspersons, these type of helmets may not only be used for cycling, but also for skating and skateboarding.


Importance of wearing a helmet


These helmets are usually lightweight, aerodynamically designed and provide good ventilation.


241873_30221_XL(1)A visor is what sets this helmet apart from the other types. An adjustable visor protects you from the sun while providing you with firm rear head coverage. Always choose helmets with more venting. This category also has Downhill Mountain biking helmets which have a full face helmet. This helmet is a must for any downhill bike rider.

Aero Helmets:

If you are looking to shave a few seconds, Aero helmets should be on your list. These helmets are usually lightweight, aerodynamically designed and can help you get your personal best.However, do remember that a helmet does not make you invincible. Ride safely and avoid taking unwanted risks.

We hope this article helps you a little more in understanding the importance of wearing a helmet. Comment below and share your experience if a helmet has helped save you.

Note: Never use chemicals to clean your helmet. Use soap and lukewarm water to wash the straps and the pads.

If you or your loved one enjoys participating in motorcycle or bike riding, it is important that they wear a helmet. No matter how skilled a rider they may be, helmets protect the head from serious injury.

Arun Raj owner- Bikeshark- the urban bicycle store

Sunil Gandhi

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Abhishek Tarfe is a Certified Bike Mechanic from Park Tool School. He enjoys teaching people how to cycle and loves going on multi-day tours. Besides, he loves dogs and coffee. Follow his madness on Instagram

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