Velocrush Anthem

Velocrush Anthem
Handcrafted in India

We have designed and handcrafted the Velocrush Anthem from scratch for beginners to offer an exhilarating ride and a hassle-free ownership experience

Meet Velocrush Anthem

Handcrafted in India

Lighter. Stronger. Faster.

Everything you Imagined your first bicycle to be. The Velocrush Anthem.

Designed. Not assembled.

Your Ride to a healthier tomorrow. Starts here.

Unlike most bicycles, the Anthem is completely designed and built right from scratch in Mumbai. Offering 4 frame sizes covering a wide range of height, we also built bikes for those who weigh over 100Kgs. Also, not to forget, custom paint jobs as per your needs.

Pedal. Feel the breeze. Whee!

Designed for today’s city riding, the bike is fast and quick to stop.

The bike is super smooth and the ride experience is like magic. We promise, less effort and more fun.

95% Stainless steel framework:

Each tube for the anthem is handcut and then welded to perfection offering a better quality, performance and fit.

Ride on concrete, Gravel or Kankar roads, the nylon tyres offer exception rolling and stability.

Double walled rims:

Strong and sturdy, double walled rims. The right wheels to roll with on Indian Roads.

Feel in total control on the road with the Riser Handlebar. Ride with an open chested upright position. These wide handlebars offers more leverage and control on climbs, turns or while riding on tricky courses.

Rigid Fork:

Less weight. More Speed. No Stopping.

Forget maintenance. Forget problems and of course the extra weight. Get to experience a smoother and faster ride.


Better Comfort. Better bike handling.

Feel in control. All the Time. The 600mm handlebars offers more leverage and control on climbs, turns or while riding on tricky courses.


Ralson equipped.

Ride on concrete, Gravel or Kankar roads with the 700 nylon tyres offer exception rolling and stability for city riding. The 35C tyres are just thick enough to offer enough comfort on your long rides.


Power Brakes Three fingers. That’s it!

Slow down or stop as per your will. The disc brakes are easy to use, adjust and requires less maintenance in the long run.

Reliable, All weather braking.


The Anthem comes with a saddle that goes well with the upright riding posture. Stand up on the pedals, hover over or even off your saddle or crouch down in a tucked position. The Streamlined shape of the saddle will compliment you

Introducing Subscription Plans

Hassle-free ownership

Every aspect of owning a Velocrush is crafted around you. The level of comfort. Speed, Weight and the overall riding experience & thoughtfully designed subscription packs take out all the hassles of maintaining a scooter & puts the joy back in owning.

That's Not All

Comfortable Grips

Quick Release for easy adjustment

Quick Release Hubs and more

Got Questions?

Here’s our list of FAQs

The fully loaded bicycle comes with a bicycle stand, bell and bottle cage. These accessories are outsourced from other local providers. We will pre-install them before sending the cycle to you. No guarantee on these products.

The frame comes with a 3-year warranty on the welds.
Yes, the bicycle comes with disc brakes mounts so disc brakes installation is possible.

We offer one free service to all bicycles sold under the brand name Velocrush provided they are dropped at our dealer locations.

We are the only brand on the lower segment offering bicycles with sealed headset bearings. These could be expensive if required a replacement. However, they should last you at least for 2-3 years.

Before going for a ride, you need to make sure the air pressure is right. Click here to learn about tyre pressure. You need to check if the seat and axle quick release are not loose and the brakes are working.

Terms & Policies