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If you are looking for cycling assembly services in Mumbai, you’re in the right place. Our experienced mechanics will assemble your cycle at your home. Simply get in touch with us on +91 8928041081 and let us know your area and cycle model.

Whether you want to learn cycling or just brush up your cycling skills, we accommodate all skill levels during each class.

  1. Bottle of water
  2. Hand towel
  3. Medicine if any
  1. Comfortable tee shirt/top
  2. Short pants and track pants
  3. Good Sports shoes

The Velocrush Cycling Classes are available in Mumbai only.

Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged, cancelled or refunded. This applies for all the packages listed on the website.

By signing up for these classes, you agree to hold Velocrush India, its founder, its employee and authorizers volunteers harmless should any mishap occur while learning.

We use PayUMoney as our payment gateway providers. For all transactions, you are re-directed to their domain and VeloCrush India does not retain any credit/debit card information you submit for payment. VeloCrush India is not responsible, in any way whatsoever, if your card information is acquired by a 3rd party due to any security issues on the PayUMoney payment gateway.

We may modify these terms and conditions for any reason at any time by posting a new version on our website.

  1. Book a class with us
  2. Download the consent form
  3. Sign
  4. Scan
  5. Send it back to us at

What all do I need to carry for cycling classes?

Firstly, you need to carry the consent form that’s on the website. Make sure you sign, print and share it at the given email Id. If you can’t, you can sign it digitally and share it as well.

Besides that, please carry a bottle of water, small hand towel and medicines if any. 

How many classes do I need to take regularly to learn cycling?

If your schedule does not allow you to attend classes daily, you can come minimum once or twice a week.

What should I wear for classes?

The class is going to be held outdoors, so wearing something comfortable is advised. Sports shoes are a must to protect your feet. Track pants or shorts are a good idea. Just make sure they are breathable and comfortable. Kindly avoid wearing jeans pants for classes as pedalling will be difficult in them.

Is there a washroom that I can use?

Yes, there is a decent washroom that you can use at the Worli centre. 

How long is each session for?

Each session will last an hour. In case you are late and we have a session later, your session will be cut short. 

What is inclusive of INR 650?

The charges are inclusive of a bicycle, helmet, instructor, loads of cycling tips and taxes.

What guarantee that I will learn cycling?

Our trainers are experienced and have been doing this for quite some time. So far we have taught over 100 people to cycle from scratch and have managed to teach them all.

Is this cycling class for me?

If you are looking to learn cycling from scratch, these classes are for you!

It doesn’t matter how old or unfit you are, our personalized cycling classes will provide you with support, tips and techniques to confidently learn the art of cycling!

Will I get a bicycle of my height?

Yes, of course. Before you book a session with us, we ask your height and accordingly arrange a bicycle. When you reach the venue, we adjust the seta height as per your needs and teach you to cycle. 

Are these cycling classes only available in Mumbai?

Yes, our cycling classes are available in Mumbai Only. 

Which areas are cycling classes available?

As of now, we teach in Worli (Jambori Maidan) and Andheri (Marol). 

What if I want to cancel the class?

If you need to cancel the lass, you need to tell us one day in advance. You will not get any refund if the class is cancelled last moment or you oversleep. 

 Why learn cycling with us?

Customized Cycling Lessons

Our cycling classes are customized as per your personal skill level

Safety First 

We believe you can learn cycling without falling

Experienced Tutors

We are patient and understand the basics of cycling.

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It can be difficult deciding to get a coach for someone who is an adult and doesn’t know how to cycle. After training with Abhishek I haven’t looked back. I feel more confident and I have actually begun to cycle and enjoy it. He provides very clear structure and always knows the right things to say to keep you on track and motivated. He is genuinely interested and cares about coaching. And he has some great stories to tell so be rest assured it’s always an interesting session with him around!

For someone who wasn’t very sure if cycling could be learnt by an adult, but at the same time really wanted too…Abhishek was god sent! I came across Velocrush on Quora while I was desperately trying to find someone who could teach me how to cycle. I remember writing to him and getting a response in a couple of hours asking me when I’d like to begin. For all those who want to learn how to cycle (or even get better at it), just contact him and be rest assured everything else will be taken care of. From arranging the bicycle to holding you when you think you’re about to fall, to ensuring that your class is adjusted as per your time schedules… and to constantly encouraging you and telling you how you’re just getting better at it, he does it all. A big thank you for all the efforts he puts in!

Somewhere at the beginning of 2015, I started looking out for someone to train my 12-year-old son in cycling. His love for cycling began very young and as he grew older his passion for the sport increased and we saw a need to get him trained.

For almost 6 months I went around talking to people to look for someone who could coach him. One day, someone sent me Abhishek’s number and mentioned that I should call him. I immediately called him- but our conversation wasn’t exactly as I had hoped. Abhishek did not exactly train anyone, he was passionate about cycling, wrote a blog about and was very knowledgeable about the sport.

But over a couple of conversations, he opened up to the idea of coaching Aditya. And off we went- he helped us buy Aditya’s first geared cycle. Then Aditya began cycling in a serious way, his first ride was 16 km on Marine Drive.

Cycling in all kinds of weather; sprints, hills, fun rides, night rides…Abhishek cultivated in Aditya the need to wake up in the wee hours of the morning and burn tyre on asphalt. Through it all there were some good days, some tough ones but always a smile at the end of every session

Today three years on, Aditya has the confidence to push himself in this sport. He recently cycled 20km in 40mins and stood 1st in a race. Thanks, Abhishek Tarfe for being with him, mentoring him. Hope you keep continuing

One of the regrets that I had was that I couldn’t ride a bicycle and learning to ride it was definitely on my bucket list. I’ve now picked up this skill, all thanks to Velocrush. When I searched online for bicycle riding coaching for adults, I actually did not expect to find any. So when I did come across Velocrush’s coaching, I immediately called and scheduled sessions for not only myself but also for my daughter. The coaches were very friendly, patient and encouraging. Over a couple of weekends, they taught me to ride a bicycle. I have purchased my own bicycle now and ride often. Thanks a lot to Abhishek and his brilliant team for this!!

I’m a 56-year-old woman who never learned to cycle as a kid, mainly because of my fear of falling and my utter distrust of the ‘push-and-let-go’ methods that were de rigueur in my family. In my adult life, there were many times when I sorely regretted not learning as a kid, but the possibility of learning as an adult didn’t strike me as a realistic one, because I subscribed to the common myth that learning to cycle as an adult was really difficult, if not impossible. In recent years, my complete dependency on cars began to bother me vis a vis my growing awareness that bicycles are emission-free and have a tiny manufacturing footprint. The desire to learn got stronger and so, one day, I Googled “cycling classes for adults,” and that’s how I found Velocrush! And thanks to them, I was cycling in my 3rd training session. Without falling even once!
The Velocrush trainer used excellent methods, inspired confidence and kept me motivated all through. Moreover, he was always punctual, cheerful and polite.

Velocrush completely busted the myth that a 50+ woman can’t pick up this skill. And for me, it’s been kind of life-changing!
Sangeeta Bahuguna, Mumbai.